ComplyAdvantage is hiring a

Senior Software Engineer

London, United Kingdom

Fraud, corruption, money laundering, and terrorist financing are growing problems requiring 21st century solutions.

ComplyAdvantage develops modern, web-based applications that allow our clients to detect, and ultimately prevent illegal money transfers. It’s not easy work, which is why the company needs to recruit some of the best minds in technology.

On one side you will be leading platform development, using your knowledge and experience to guide technical decisions and steer the development process. You will need to plan the technical requirements with the rest of the development team, and manage these through the development cycle, QA, and into production, foreseeing architectural issues and providing advice and support to developers.

On the other side you will need to work with Product Managers, clients and other senior team members to understand their business/non-technical requirements, and translate these into tangible specifications and tasks for the development team. You should be able to prioritise the requirements, and understand where business value can obtained most efficiently.

You will be expected to search for optimal solutions at every stage, assessing new or untested technologies instead of simply picking the most familiar. Architecture decisions will need to be justifiable, and the development team should share a common understanding of the choices that have been made, and why they were made.

Duties will include:

  • Liaising with stakeholders across the business to gather requirements, design software architecture and write specifications
  • Researching and investigating new technologies to solve business and technical problems as required
  • Presenting specifications and plans to senior team members and developers
  • Prioritising features in conjunction with senior team members to align with user, engineering and business requirements
  • Oversee testing procedures and frameworks, and ensure testing is carried out on projects before delivery
  • Managing senior developers and ensuring work is performed on time, and to specification and quality standards