Fundera is hiring a

Senior Software Engineer

New York, United States
About Us

Small business lending is broken—and Fundera is here to fix it. By building the most trusted marketplace in the industry, we make lenders compete for business instead of the other way around.

Small business is the backbone of our economy, and business owners deserve a partner they can trust—especially when it comes to financing. 4 out of 5 business owners get denied by banks for the loans they need to solve problems and seize opportunities, and far too many get ripped off by unregulated brokers looking for a quick buck.

With Fundera, business owners can get competing offers from dozens of the country’s leading small business lenders by submitting just one application. Our service is simple, transparent, and best of all? It’s absolutely free. Our mission: to put the power to borrow back in the hands of business owners.

About the Position

As an engineer at Fundera, you’re invested in solving problems that millions of living, breathing people across the country face—every day. We’re not writing code for the sake of code: our engineering team works deeply with the product and business process, building tools to help others and change an entire industry.

We’re also not scared of adapting to new technology if it makes more sense, whether that means rewriting some of our Ruby core in Go or Node.js or switching to React from vanilla JS. 

Currently we're building:

* Highly interactive charting and planning tools for small businesses (think
* Scoring engines for inbound leads based on rich structured data
* APIs for our partners to be able to send and score leads in real time
* etc.

If the prospect of helping your local small business get funding by creating new technology is exciting, please apply!