Azimo is hiring a

Senior Software Engineer (JVM)

Kraków, Poland

In Azimo, as in many other startups, we have monolith platform written in PHP. In fact, it is a good solution delivering value for our users, but as a business we are obsessed with driving delight for our customers and following the path of '10x growth'. That is why our tech platform should enable us to both ship new features at pace and provide scalability for the fast growing traffic.

Just like Conway's law, we are going to implement Service Oriented Architecture, and simultaneously, reshape our organisation structure moving to cross-functional teams.

We decided to restructure the system using Domain Driven Design framework. We also plan to make our ecosystem more flexible and heterogeneous in terms of using proper technologies to solving different kinds of problems. That is why we are looking for Senior Software Engineer with great knowledge and experience in JVM world. We need someone passionate in creating world class software and products and who will be motivated by possibility of not only implementing but also designing the software. This role will also take responsibility for the architecture of the products and CI/CD process for JVM ecosystem.

  • Software Craftsmanship (TDD, SOLID, KISS, design patterns),
  • Deep understanding of the Service Oriented and Microservices Architectures,
  • Strong familiarity with RESTful design principles,
  • Understanding of modern CI/CD process (ex. Git Flow or Atlassian toolset),
  • Experience in building highly-scalable software in JVM based technologies (Java 8, Scala, preferable Spring Framework, but we are open to discussion),
  • Experience in data processing and analytic (SQL and NoSQL databases, Apache tools ex. Kafka, Hadoop, Spark...).