Coinbase is hiring a

Senior Software Engineer - Machine Learning Platform

San Francisco, United States

Our vision is to bring more innovation, efficiency, and equality of opportunity to the world by creating an open financial system. To achieve this goal, we build systems that bridge the gap between Finance 1.0 and 2.0. A core part of these systems is enabling automation and offloading workflows from human administrators to machines with the goal of increasing efficiency. We use machine learning to do exactly that: fully automate decision making where possible, empower analysts during their decision processes and reduce human errors.

As a Machine Learning Platform Engineer, you will get the chance to build our next generation machine learning infrastructure, enabling our growing Machine Intelligence team to have fast iteration cycles through an easy-to-use training and serving infrastructure. In addition, you will be building and maintaining streaming and batch aggregation pipelines that power real time scoring engines.


  • Feature Store: Batch and real-time data aggregation and serving layer that powers predictive models.
  • Nostradamus: Training and scoring infrastructure that enable machine learning practitioners to take a model from an idea to production.
  • Evaluation Framework: Backtesting and A/B testing of models.
  • Deep Learning Pipeline: Build pipelines to move terabytes of image data securely, enabling computer vision applications such as analyzing identity documents for authenticity.


  • Exhibit our core cultural values: add positive energy, communicate clearly, be curious, and be a builder.
  • Experience building backend systems with a focus on machine learning and/or analytics.
  • Experience applying machine learning to real world problems.

Preferred (not required)

  • Computer Science or related engineering degree
  • Knowledge of Spark, Flink, Kafka

What to send

  • A resume that describes scalable systems you’ve built