Forter is hiring a

Senior Software Engineer, Research Engineering

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Forter is looking for a Senior Engineer to join its Research Engineering team. We work directly with Forter’s fraud research analysts and data scientists on solving the hardest problems by effectively leveraging our petabyte-scale data.

Forter is the world’s leading and most accurate provider of fully automated, real-time e-commerce fraud prevention. We protect many of the world’s largest merchants and marketplaces, providing them with approve/decline decisions backed by our chargeback guarantee. In 2020 alone, we processed transactions worth over $200B, making decisions in real time, identifying fraud rings and quickly detecting new attack methods. 

Forter’s unmatched performance and innovation are built on top of extensive data gathered from across the e-commerce lifecycle. In order to keep a step ahead of the bad guys, our analysts and data scientists depend on Research Engineering to make that data available to them via intuitive and performant interfaces and tools. Forter’s data analysts and engineers work in close partnership to generate leads to improve the system’s precision and performance, and to identify opportunities for new product offerings.

Our adoption by merchants around the world provides us with billions of fresh data points each day. Our team of data scientists, analysts and cyber intelligence specialists continually identify new signals, engineer new features and research new models. But as the volume of data and  the number and complexity of models grows, so do the engineering challenges. 

We need our engineers to be independent, versatile, and enthusiastic to take on new problems across the vast tech stack with which we work. We don’t have dedicated “Production,” Ops, or QA teams, but rather everyone does a bit of everything, and therefore each individual has a big impact on Forter's product. 

If this kind of working environment sounds exciting to you, if you understand that Engineering is about building the most effective and elegant solution within a given set of constraints  - consider applying for this position. But hold on, you’d best check the position requirements first! 


Stuff you’ll be doing:

  • Designing, building, and maintaining tools and frameworks to effectively leverage Forter’s proprietary and public data.
  • Enabling data-driven innovation, and expansion of Forter’s product suite.
  • Collaborating directly with colleagues from various disciplines: Analysts, Data Scientists, and other Engineers (all of whom write production code!).
  • Modeling data and defining storage strategy, to ensure that data is intuitive for researchers to find, and easy and fast for them to access.
  • Optimizing data access patterns and queries to shorten research cycles across continually larger and more complex datasets.
  • Self-managing project planning, milestones, designs, and estimations
  • Holding yourself and others to a high standard when working with production systems. We take pride in our tests, monitoring & alerting abilities just as we do with our systems.
  • Debugging complex problems across the whole stack

Projects you might work on:

  • Developing and maintaining a Python library for loading and operating on data from various types of stores (relational databases, object stores, NoSQL databases, etc.) in a unified way on Spark.
  • Building a framework to allow research analysts and data scientists to spin up a research workbench, backed by fully-configured, auto-scalable Spark clusters.
  • Helping research analysts to apply their ideas to huge, disparate datasets, by improving the efficiency of database queries, optimizing storage schemas, and refining APIs.
  • Collaborating with data scientists using clustering and anomaly detection techniques to identify new scams and fraud rings.

Stuff you’ll need:

  • Proven experience in designing and building large-scale production systems.
  • Strong analytical skills for extracting insights from disparate datasets.
  • 3+ years developing complex software projects (Python / Node.js / Scala / etc.)
  • Expertise in SQL and experience working with relational databases.
  • Experience with a variety of databases or data stores such as MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redshift, Snowflake, Redis, Couchbase, MongoDB, Cassandra, S3, etc.
  • Extensive experience with Spark.
  • Experience with AWS or other public clouds.
  • Professional proficiency in English.

 Would be very cool if you have:

  • Worked with a managed Spark deployment such as AWS EMR or Azure Databricks.
  • Developed using notebooks, such as Jupyter or Databricks.
  • Experimented with Machine Learning techniques.

Things we appreciate:

  • A link to a blog post you wrote or an interesting talk you’ve given.
  • Open source projects you’ve created or contributed to.
  • Interesting, non-trivial problems you’ve dealt with.
  • Side projects that you couldn’t resist building.

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