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Senior Software Engineer - Server & DevOps

Los Angeles, United States

You are to work with a cross-functional, multi-loc team and multiple game projects.


  • 1. Implement automation tools and framework; including configuration and deployment management systems
    2. Ensure infrastructure support for key features and workflows in collaboration with engineering and product management teams.
    3. Develop, design, and support reliable, high performance online services and integrate them into Tencent’s platforms.
    4. Manage day-to-day maintenance and new releases to our core infrastructure, along with conducting analyses for the purposes of maintaining and improving our CI/CD processes
    5. Define and maintain proper network operations practices to ensure service delivery commitments for customers are met.


  1. 1. Proficient in scripting languages such as Python, Shell scripting.
    2. Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, and Jenkins.
    3. A good understanding of microservices architecture and debugging / investigation techniques.
    4. Strong understanding of system, networking and troubleshooting techniques.
    5. Experience with CI/CD principles, architecture and operations.
    6. Passionate about building scalable, performant, and highly available systems.
    7. Experience with major cloud platforms AWS, GCP, or Azure.


B.S. Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other equivalent degrees/experience and 5 to 8 years’ experience.

Language: Mandarin + English

Work Location: Los Angeles, USA





  • 实施自动化工具和框架;包括配置和部署管理系统
  • 与工程和产品管理团队合作,确保基础设施对关键功能和工作流程的支持。
  • 开发和支持可靠的、高性能的在线服务,帮助将其整合到腾讯的平台上。
  • 你将负责我们核心基础设施的日常维护和新版本的发布,同时维护和改进我们的CI/CD流程
  • 帮助定义和维护正确的网络运营实践,以确保对客户的服务交付承诺得以实现。


  1. 精通脚本语言,如Python、Shell脚本。
  2. 有Docker、Kubernetes、Ansible和Jenkins的经验。
  3. 对微服务架构和调试/调查技术有良好的理解。
  4. 对系统、网络和故障排除技术有深刻理解。
  5. 具有CI/CD原则、架构和运营经验。
  6. 热衷于构建可扩展、高性能和高可用性的系统。
  7. 对主要云平台AWS、GCP或Azure有经验。



语言: 普通话+英语

工作地点: 美国,洛杉矶


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Tencent:
Diversity, equity and inclusion are important, interdependent components of our workplace. As an equal opportunity employer, we firmly believe that diverse voices fuel our innovation and allow us to better serve our users and the community. We foster an environment where every employee of Tencent feels supported and inspired to achieve individual and common goals. 

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