Intersection is hiring a

Senior Systems Engineer, LinkNYC

New York, United States

We are a flexible and highly collaborative organization. When you come aboard, you will play an integral part in our engineering arm with roles in architecture, implementation, and infrastructure management. You will be working closely with other team members to grow and streamline our collective capability.


  • Design, build and maintain a variety of systems: interactive, embedded, server and cloud. While some are in conventional environments like data centers or cloud providers, some will also be in environments that have unusual constraints on power, network bandwidth and/or operating temperature. 
  • Work closely with the DevOps, software development and network engineering teams to facilitate both your and their needs. 
  • Maintain a holistic understanding of all the project’s systems and their interactions, even those that are not under your direct control. 
  • Act as a final escalation point for the support team when they’re unable to resolve systems issues themselves. 
  • Understand the needs of the business and our clients, to work with engineers and product managers, and to ensure the infrastructure and deployment methods help to achieve client objectives. 

Ideal Candidate:

  • You are smart, intellectually curious and self-motivated to learn new things and stay abreast of technical trends. 
  • You are comfortable working as a senior member of a team, working with other team members to establish standards, mentor those junior to you and discuss the pros and cons of various tools and approaches. 
  • You are reliable and comfortable working in an open and collaborative environment. 
  • You have extensive experience with Linux in both cloud and hardware systems. 
  • You are comfortable writing scripts in languages like Bash or Python. 
  • You understand the OSI model and can troubleshoot across its layers. 
  • You are familiar with the strengths, weaknesses and appropriate uses of common hardware interfaces and buses like USB, PCIe, Thunderbolt, SAS, CSI and I2C. 
  • You have experience with a variety of differently-purposed filesystems, like ext4, JFFS, ZFS, etc. 
  • You are familiar with common video, audio and container formats (H.264, ProRes, AAC, FLAC, MPEG-TS, etc.) and common open source tools for working with them (FFmpeg, VLC, GStreamer). 
  • You have experience utilizing Linux video acceleration with APIs like VA API and OpenMAX. 
  • You have a BS or MS in Computer Science, a related field, or equivalent experience.

About Intersection:

Intersection is a design, technology and media company committed to improving the urban experience at the convergence of digital and physical worlds. Intersection is the result of a recent merger between Control Group and Titan and is the first investment made by Sidewalk Labs. Sidewalk Labs is a Google Alphabet company led by Dan Doctoroff that aims to foster the development of technology products, platforms and infrastructure that help improve life in cities around the world.

Our unique set of assets focus on leveraging emerging trends in technology to improve quality of life in cities as well as create products to grow and develop businesses. With 12 offices, media in 60 markets, and 600+ people across the United States, we carry expertise in:

  • Strategy and Design, Technology Research and Development
  • Advertising & Media
  • Data
  • System Architecture Design and Engineering

Our work spans across a variety of markets in cities, government, mass transit, airports and airlines, cultural institutions, retail, and telecommunication providers. 

Intersection is also the lead company behind LinkNYC, the largest and most advanced public Wi-Fi and street furniture network in the world. By providing up to 10,000 communication hubs for city residents and visitors with free public wi-fi, access to communications, information and municipal services across the five boroughs that make up New York City. With this expertise and platform, Intersection aims to create an array of solutions to help make cities around the world more livable and connected.