Eventbrite is hiring a

Senior UI Engineer

San Francisco, United States

Eventbrite's industry leading reserved seating product is set to do huge things in 2016. We are expanding the product to the biggest venues worldwide--going from supporting yoga studios and galas to sports arenas. We’re looking for a Senior UI Engineer to join our small and laser-focused team as we build a fully self-service mapping system. Our reserved seating uses a mix of custom and open source WebGL graphics engine at its core, surrounded by cutting-edge technologies like React and Golang.

We're a people-focused Engineering organization. The women and men on our team value working together in small teams to solve big problems, supporting an active culture of mentorship, and challenging themselves to learn new things and take on new challenges daily. Weekly demos, tech talks, and quarterly hackathons are at the core of how we’ve built our team and product. We believe in engaging with the community, regularly hosting free events with some of the top technical speakers, and actively contributing to open source software. Learn more about the team culture from some of our engineers.

Our technology spans across web, mobile, API, big data, machine learning, search, physical point of sale, and scanning systems. We even drive servers up mountains to power the most remote events. Our primary stack is Backbone/Marionette, React, Sass, Handlebars, Python/Django, Celery with MySQL on AWS, GitHub, Slack, an espresso machine, and a few kegbots.