Tradeshift is hiring a

Senior UX Designer

Copenhagen, Denmark

Does complexity, ambition and big visions fuel your designer-mind? Can you take design lead in both business discussions as well as technical discussions? Then we may have one of the most compelling UX design positions available for you, right in the center of Copenhagen.

As a Senior UX Designer in Tradeshift you’re responsible for driving your product team(s) safely through design challenges. This encompasses all phases from initial strategy and product ideation to final implementation and launch. This requires you to be experienced in both concept generation, UI architecture, prototyping and delivering implementation-ready designs. You ability to work with personas and do field testing with actual and potential end-users will also come handy when validating different approaches to designs.

By connecting companies of all sizes and providing them with the platform, network and tools needed to develop apps, communicate in real-time and create value from old processes like invoicing, payments and workflow, Tradeshift is redefining an enterprise space that has seen little change in many years. We recognize that business is messy and business is social. Understanding these two facts drives the development of Tradeshift.

Shaking up an industry like Tradeshift is doing, and having some of the world’s biggest companies onboard their vast supply-chains to our global platform, puts a heavy focus on usability and the quality of the user experience. Critical to your and our success are our ultimate skills in transforming needs from business and users into solutions that will help end-users achieve their goals and complete tasks.