Team Axe is hiring a

SEO Editor

Nashville, United States

SEO Editor

Official job summary:

This position requires knowledge of SEO as well as natural health. The candidate will assist the Chief Content Officer in SEO research to find the best keywords and related keywords for our web articles, in order to continue our site growth (users, pageviews, domain scores, SERP, etc.)


Working closely with content team based in New York and Philadelphia, the candidate should be tech savvy, a quick learner, energetic, highly professional and able to work independently and with a team.


Experience with SEO  is essential. Knowledge of natural health is helpful, as is the ability to edit content. In addition to embracing Dr. Axe's core values — that include transforming lives with big vision, goals and audacious action — the new member of our growing team will have a strong interest in the growth of our online networks and audience.


Why we need this person:

CCO needs help with SEO research, which take ups a lot of weekly time in order to assign the best articles for our continued site growth. This position becomes even more key as we look to increase our content volume, and especially if we are ever to get further ahead on content rather than the week-to-week approach.


SEO Editor

Hours of work/week:

FT (40 hours a week)


  1. Understanding of how to conduct efficient, useful SEO research.
  2. Ability to find the relevant keywords for future articles that are NOT duplicative and that have plenty of search volume vs. less competition.
  3. Keeps track of our SERP for our articles and understands how to keep building our keyword map.
  4. Eventually understands how to assign articles to our writers, both in terms of delivering outlines as well as related keyword research.
  5. Works closely with CCO and Dr. Josh Axe in identifying areas of keyword opportunity and site growth.
  6. Possesses ability to also edit articles when necessary.
  7. Interested in also optimizing our current and older articles on the site with linking, keyword usage, etc.


  1. SEO knowledge
  2. Tech-savvy, including familiarity with SEMrush and WordPress
  3. Excellent organizer
  4. Great communicator
  5. Hard worker

People they’ll work with a lot

  1. Ethan Boldt
  2. Joe Boland
  3. Leah Zerbe
  4. Writers