Pivotal Software is hiring a

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) - Cloud Foundry

Dublin, Ireland

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As a recognized leader in disciplined agile and lean software development practices, Pivotal combines the Silicon Valley state of mind, modern approach, and infrastructure with organizations’ core expertise and values. Our cloud-native platform and suite of data tools drive software innovation for many of the world’s most admired brands, helping enterprises move at start-up speeds and with greater business agility. We optimize for change and teach next-generation developers to create and build new solutions, and are committed to open source and open standards.

Our methodology is about evolving, in both development and innovation, and our culture is empowering. Our 2,000+ employees across offices worldwide subscribe to an ethos of kindness. We make a point to bring empathy to each and every project, and are guided by a purposeful mission—to transform how the world builds software.


You are a software developer who wants to automate the operations world. You get excited by large distributed systems and next-generation provisioning and orchestration tools. You make systematic changes, and you appreciate elegant, well-run systems.

Above all, you are interested in running a production system and you know you can’t do it alone. You’d rather work with a team of engineers than alone in a cubicle. You judge your success by the success of your team and the happiness of your customers.


At Pivotal Cloud Foundry we transform how the world deploys and scales software, and we are opinionated about how software should be built. We work hard to deliver platform capabilities so customers can accelerate their time to market for software solutions. Our engineers pair program, all-day every day, because we know it delivers remarkable results. They also work in small teams, and rotate between them frequently so that they are able to meet everyone in the organization.

Desired Skills / Experiences

  • Software engineering skills: experience writing maintainable reusable software.
  • Operations or Systems Administration experience, particularly on UNIX. (You know what a daemon is and how to restart one. When the daemon won’t start because some other process is listening on the port it needs, you can find and kill the errant process.)
  • Experience and/or interest in Test Driven Development (TDD) and agile methodologies
  • Ability to dive into a polyglot codebase and contribute while learning
  • On-call experience: we build production systems, and believe the best way to understand what the means is to support real systems in the wild. Our ops teams write code, and our development teams help operate their code in production. 

Cloud Foundry engineers participate in an on-call rotation with their team to support software they work on.

Apply by sending us a resume and a cover letter to tell us why Cloud Foundry is a good fit for you, and why you are a good fit for Cloud Foundry.

Pivotal is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer that will consider all qualified applicants, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity or expression, national origin, genetics, age, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.