DealDash is hiring a

Smart Person to Tackle New and Interesting Problems


DealDash is a company offering an exciting online shopping experience. We are continuously looking for new team members for many kinds of roles.

We have a small team that has built a big business. Over 5 million shoppers in the United States have visited our site in 2014 alone following 5 years of growth. The business journal Kauppalehti named DealDash the Finnish growth company of the year 2013. Gearing up for our next growth spurt, we want to go way further still.

Our priority is to find superb people for our team and then discover the right role for them. Here are examples of fields you could be working in:

  • online marketing
  • user experience design
  • customer support
  • back-end development
  • financial data analysis
  • procurement
  • ...and more!
  • At DealDash we develop our business at a brisk pace and we nurture open communication, so in any role there are opportunities to work on things you are excited about.

    So far the successful candidates have assumed roles of marketing managers, data analysts, developers and more. Some of them have an MBA, hold a masters degree in economics, finance or industrial engineering, while others have built their own businesses at an early age. We're passionate about people who are ambitious and can drive results, not diplomas.

    We are not looking for a complete package of expertise in any field. We hope you can use your curious personality for passionate work and your analytic approach for strong results. By listening to customers and working together with fellow team members, you have the chance and responsibility to take on intriguing problems. What is driving changes in customer experience? How should we improve different details on our site? What are we paying too much for? New challenges turn up all the time, and you have the support of great co-workers in finding answers!

    Please send us an open application, telling us about yourself and the kind of work that excites you!

    We have offices in Helsinki, FIN and Minneapolis, MN as well as remote workers in many countries.