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Social Media Analyst - Virtually

Cairo, Egypt

We are looking for an observant and data-driven social media analyst to judge and evaluate the success of social media

and web presence of a brand/campaign/Initiative by looking at posts' metrics. The social media analyst is responsible for

providing feedback to clients and social media / CX directors to let them know how a campaign/brand/Initiative has been

received and how it can be adjusted through professional reports. Social media analysts are responsible for analyzing the

performance of social media platforms and their related content. They look at everything from individual posts to entire

accounts, tracking metrics like likes, shares, retweets, etc.

Hence, creating professional reports that summarize their findings or present them in a more easily digestible format.

These reports can be requested internally or externally to inform clients about how well their social media efforts are



 Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

 Ability to contribute both independently and as part of a team.

 In-depth understanding of how to read and interpret data.

 The ability to analyze data (specifically related to user behavior and engagement).

 Excellent communication skills.

 The ability to provide constructive criticism.

 Strong professional writing skills.

 Ability to identify target audience preferences and trends.

 Strong time management skills.

 Research skills.

 Great attention to detail.

Roles & Responsibilities:

 Analyzing social media post metrics.

 Researching new social media trends and tools.

 Keeping up to date of current events and pop culture to better understand user behavior.

 Monitoring social media channels for mentions of company or brand names to identify potential customer service

issues or opportunities for increased brand awareness.

 Providing constructive criticism to content creators to help them make improvements.

 Creating reports with analytics findings and recommendations for Internal (sales, marketing..etc.) or external

(customers, prospects) requests

 Review reports for accuracy and consistency

 Proofread for grammar, spelling, and formatting.

 Cross-reference data points and calculations

 Check references, citations, and hyperlinks.

 Maintain consistent visual and content standards.

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