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Software Developer in Messaging Infrastructure 软件开发工程师-消息引擎

Beijing, China
As an engineer in the messaging Infrastructure team, you will be responsible for building a pub-sub infrastructure for Disney+Hotstar that will support 20 million concurrent clients. You will work on a versatile developing environment and AWS cloud deployment, technologies such as: MQTT, WebSockets, technologies such as: Apache Kafka, Apache Spark and, databases such as Cassandra, Redshift to build a scalable and real-time pub-sub infrastructure.


  • Build low-latency distributed pub-sub infrastructure that can handle more than tens of millions concurrent clients
  • Build tools and platform that allow engineers to rapidly build pub-sub applications
  • Write MQTT bridges and plugins that connect pub-sub infrastructure with the existing Hotstar infrastructure
  • Build monitoring tools to track performance and detect anomalies at scale


  • Strong understanding of TCP and MQTT protocols
  • Proficiency with Erlang and GoLang
  • Experience in working with any MQTT broker. Experience with an Erlang based broker is a plus
  • Experience with AWS stack 
  • Experience with Apache Kafka
  • Experience writing plugins and bridges for MQTT brokers
  • Experience with databases such as Cassandra, Redis, Redshift


  • B.S., M.S. in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering are preferred


  • 作为消息基础结构团队的工程师,您将负责为Disney + Hotstar开发一个发布订阅基础结构,该基础结构将支持2000万并发客户端。 您将在通用开发环境和AWS云部署中工作,这些技术包括:MQTT,WebSockets和Apache Kafka,Apache Spark等技术,以及Cassandra,Redshift等数据库,以构建可扩展的实时发布订阅基础架构 


  • 开发高并发、高性能、高可用的实时消息传输引擎,支撑数千万级用户同时在线
  • 开发基于AI、ML的文本、图片、视频质量评估的平台,中间件和工具,能够快速从海量数据中筛选出高质量内容
  • 开发性能监控工具包括用于检测高并发数据中的异常等等功能
  • 迭代优化现有服务,持续提升服务性能和稳定性


  • 扎实的计算机科学基础,有良好的数据结构和算法基础
  • 熟练掌握Linux环境下的Go/Python/Java等至少一种语言
  • 优秀的沟通协作技能,注重团队合作
  • 热爱编程,有强烈的求知欲和进取心 ,能及时关注和学习业界最新技术


  • 计算机科学或电子工程专业学士、硕士优先

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