AirMap is hiring a

Software Engineer

Santa Monica, United States

Software Engineers work collaboratively with other members of the AirMap team to build, test, and continually improve AirMap’s distributed, dynamic geospatial database and APIs that allow drones to connect with the data.


Attributes of an AirMap Software Engineer

  • You know how to build quick and reliable distributed databases, taking large data pipelines from heterogeneous sources and turning them into homogenous and useful information.
  • You have current hands-on coding capabilities with languages, frameworks, and tools such as: Java, Python, Javascript, Node.js, Hadoop, Docker, web services (e.g., REST), JSON, XML, Leaflet, MapBox, geographic information systems (e.g., ArcGIS or QGIS), and OGC standards.
  • You’re good at building APIs and collaborating with API integration partners.
  • You care about the integrity of the data we provide and the value of the data we receive. You know how to build valuable reporting tools with our data.
  • You’re good at building and handling geospatial datasets and services.
  • You care about security and have worked with Single Sign On, multi-layer security, multi-tenant security, SSL certificates, and knowledge of SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, and other security best practices.
  • You’re a doer – you lead by example and are excited by the opportunity to grow into an engineering management role.
  • You have experience developing applications with NoSQL data stores and spatial databases like MongoDB and PostGIS.
  • You get the Agile development environment.
  • You’re proficient with AWS.
  • You’re a good problem solver and a good communicator.


  • Bonus Points if…
  • You like aviation and drones!
  • You’ve developed drone software/hardware interfaces (DJI, Pixhawk, Arduino)
  • You’re good at managing small teams of engineers, particularly working on maps (e.g., generating data feeds for mobile or web map apps), location-based services, or social networking.
  • You love real-time data.
  • You’ve built mobile apps.
  • You understand machine learning, data mining, and data science.
  • You’re familiar with data visualization tools (e.g., D3.js)
  • You’ve heard of System-wide Information Management (SWIM).