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Software Engineer

San Francisco, United States
About Default

Companies spend years and millions of dollars finding out how to find and sell to their best customers. We're on a mission to productize the hunt for product-market fit, and change how companies identify and engage their best customers starting by revolutionizing one piece of every company's stack: the website.

Here are a few things we value on the technical side of Default:

  • Developer advocacy: The happiness of our developers (read: our lifeblood) is a top priority. We strongly encourage feedback and suggestions about how we do things, and ways to improve — processes, tools, anything. We want this to be a place where developers love to work, and we want to stay that way forever!
  • Shipping: Default's agility is directly tied to its success and, thus, the success of our users. We are committed to shipping high-quality, mission-critical product at high velocity.
  • Experience obsession: We believe we owe our users a wonderful experience, and this drives how we approach engineering, product, design.
  • Curiosity: We believe the best way to build a company is to ask a lot of questions, and have as much context as possible when making decisions. We value questions, curiosity, and a beginner's mind.
What You'll Do

We're looking to bring on a skilled candidate who will help in building out, supporting, and taking ownership of critical pieces of the Default product. You will be encouraged to steer the ship with your feedback and input. The product plays an important role for our customers and is rapidly developing alongside user feedback, so this is an exciting, fast-paced environment.

Characteristics You'll Bring

  • The ideal candidate is creative, and has great product sense; you're comfortable thinking outside the box to get past limitations.
  • The ideal candidate is open-minded but opinionated; you will be encouraged to voice your opinion whenever you have one so the team can work together to make great decisions.
  • The ideal candidate is adaptive; you're willing to learn new skills or try new things in order to help build an enduring company.
  • The ideal candidate is comfortable moving at a faster pace; it may not always be clear exactly what's next, but that excites and motivates you rather than frightens you.

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