Curalate is hiring a

Software Engineer Intern

Seattle, United States


Curalate is looking for talented software developers to join our engineering team as software engineer interns. Although experience with our existing technology stack is great, we're much more interested in hiring developers with exceptional problem solving skills, creative out-of-the-box thinking, and comfort with quickly learning, evaluating, and deploying new technologies.

Check out our Engineering Blog to get a window into what we are building at Curalate and what we're excited about!  


Candidates should come prepared to join a fast-moving team. You'll be expected to dive into our stack and toolkit, and start shipping code on day one. We're not hiring code monkeys; you'll be given substantial feature ownership, and we'll expect you to contribute product ideas as well as code. Above all else, we're looking for others who are as excited above the potential in this space as we are, and who will be willing to join us in moving fast and breaking things as we execute against that vision.

We're not language zealots; we believe in using the right tool for the job, and are comfortable with a polyglot codebase. That said, today we lean on:

  • Languages: Scala, Javascript
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Asgard
  • Databases: Cassandra, MySQL (RDS), DynamoDB, Redis, Redshift, CloudSearch
  • Frameworks: Finagle, Storm, Scalatra, Lift
  • Front End/Mobile: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Backbone, Ionic

(Production experience with any of these technologies is not required. However, you should come prepared to dive in and start learning about them on day one).

About You:

  • You have a good understanding of the various moving parts of a web app
  • You have experience with an object-oriented language like Java, C++, or C#
  • You have some database experience

Gold Stars:

  • Experience with machine learning algorithms and/or libraries
  • Experience with Scala or another JVM language is a big plus
  • Experience with a NoSQL database (Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Riak, etc.)
  • Experience with the AWS suite
  • Hadoop/MapReduce experience
  • Honor Society, Community Involvement, Leadership Positions

About Us:

Curalate is the leading visual content monetization platform and a partner to 800 of the world's leading brands. We make it easier for consumers to discover brands across the digital ecosystem and, using the power of visual content, make it more compelling for consumers to buy. We’re a passionate team of visual thinkers, makers, and storytellers dedicated to helping brands create discover, activate, and measure visual connections with consumers. And we’re building something really powerful.

Much like the brands we work with, our people are nothing short of inspiring – and we’re looking to grow our team. If you’re scrappy, creative, curious, and FUN, then we think Curalate could be the place for you.

No recruiters, please.