InVision is hiring a

Software Engineer, Internal Tools


InVision is the world's leading product design platform, powering the future of digital product design through our deep understanding of the dynamics of collaboration. We provide two million people with the power to prototype, review, refine, manage and user test web and mobile products. InVision drives the product design process at leading Fortune 100 companies, including at Disney, IBM, Walmart, Apple, Verizon and General Motors. Backed by Accel, ICONIQ Capital, FirstMark Capital, Tiger Global and others. InVision is a distributed team with over 200 employees around the world.

The Engineering Velocity team at InVision is on a mission to remove all friction from the development process. We do so by automating all the things from service creation through build, test, deploy, and monitoring. Our goal is to make it so fast and easy to do things the Right Way (™) so that there is virtually no barrier to taking ideas all the way out to production. It’s like perpetual motion for software development, except that it’s not hypothetical.

You’ll love this job because you like to delight the people around you by building tools that make their lives easier. You get frustrated with manual processes; why not spend your day making sure they are eliminated one by one? You also love doing this in a supportive environment with engineers who really like working together to achieve amazing things.

Want to know what kind of an impact you can have in this role?

Let’s say you’re a developer and you want to deploy the latest version of your code across multiple environments. Let’s say these services, written in Go, are all running in AWS on a Kubernetes cluster and that you have lots of separate production environments that all need your latest code. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could jump into Slack and say:

`deploy my-service to production`

And it just works. In parallel. Super fast, reliable, and with no handholding.

Does that sound like fun? Well, sorry. We already did that. But guess what, we have tons more innovative ideas like that one and we know you’d bring a lot of your ideas to the table as well.

We know you care about removing friction everywhere you can and building really easy-to-use interfaces that are loved by developers. If this sounds like you, please send us a cover letter and a résumé telling us about all the cool things you’ve done and why this job description sounds like a great fit for you.

  • Provide opportunities to work with cutting edge infrastructure and technology in production.
  • Offer an environment where your day-to-day tasks will make the lives of every engineer in our company measurably better.
  • Present an opportunity for collaboration with fantastic coworkers, from anywhere in the world!