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Software Engineer Internal tools (Python)

PeopleDoc is on a mission to revolutionize how every HR function provide services to their employees.  

Our unique “state of the art” HR Service Delivery platform provides HR teams with the tools they need to provide great services while considerably decreasing the manual work behind the scenes and allowing companies to go paperless in their administration.

The PeopleDoc HR Service Delivery platform helps HR teams more easily answer employee requests on demand, automate employee processes,  across multiple locations.  PeopleDoc serves more than 1000 clients with employees in 180 countries in 12 languages. PeopleDoc is now a part of Ultimate Software. Ultimate Software is a Leader for Cloud HCM Applications.

Job Description/ Job Summary:
To support its growth, PeopleDoc is looking for talented developers with strong communication skills to oversee the shared engineering blocks across the PeopleDoc platform and applications and spread best practices amongst teams and engineers.
Technical excellence is paramount to the success of PeopleDoc. Developers at PeopleDoc are all parts of a Tribe, which role is to define best practices, evolve the technological stack and build tooling towards an always improving Developer Experience.
This position shines as an opportunity to leverage the Tribes towards a faster delivery of engineering value, a continued raise of quality and consistency across projects and teams and a strong focus on helping peer developers deliver business value on their respective Feature Teams.

The successful candidate will be required to:

  • In collaboration with tribe members, design, ship and test new technical features
  • Enhance technical and procedural cohesion across projects
  • Leverage the engineering capacity of the tribe
  • Challenge the processes (integration, deployment, release...), monitor them and propose improvements that fit the whole platform
  • Analyze, rethink and refactor the shared code to scale applications
  • Act as a main contributor for global regulations (certifications, company standards...)
  • Act as a main contributor for internal projects
  • Specify and prioritize work with the Tribe Leader to comply with the roadmap
  • Report to the Tribe leader progress and blockers on above items
  • Support feature teams

What we bring to the table ?

  • Team work is in our core values; we learn from each other by pair programming or via extensive code reviews
  • Double screens, supercharged PCs,
  • Croissants every monday,
  • 2 annual programming events sponsored,
  • Off-sites, table football, table tennis and PS4 for the lunch break
  • Open to remote workers


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