Lantern is hiring a

Software Engineer - iOS

San Francisco, United States

As an iOS software developer on our small team you’ll be responsible for not only coding but helping with product planning, feature and architectural discussions, and contributing to the discussion as we establish good engineering practices and decide on the Lantern way of doing things.

Our Stack:

  • iOS
    • ReactiveCocoa
    • Automated builds
    • CocoaPods for dependency management

Familiarity with the above is a huge plus; being able to ramp up on things you don’t know and contribute fast is of greater importance.

Our Expectations

At Lantern, we have a soft spot for people who are passionately curious and who take pride in their craft.  You will be expected to have your hands in every part of the codebase. We are looking for someone that can hit the ground sprinting and start pushing features live on day one. Since we have a small team, you’ll need to be someone that can be self-directed and help set the schedule of what needs to be done… and then go do it.   As an early hire, you will share responsibility for laying the technical foundations necessary to support a product that is engaging enough to break the common misconception that technology is too impersonal to be useful in mental health.

While building functional products is a top priority of the engineering team at Lantern, we also acknowledge the importance of intentionally building a culture that supports the broader company mission.  As cliche as it sounds, we all decided to work here because we wanted to help make the world at least a little better than the way we found it.  The engineering team at Lantern strives to mirror this sentiment in ourselves by fostering an environment of mutual respect, open communication, curiosity, humor and general tomfoolery.  If these qualities sound great to you, you’ll fit in quite swingingly.

Our product

The Lantern experience consists of two important parts.  First, users are paired with a real coach who acts as a source source of encouragement and guidance for the user.  As an engineer at Lantern you might end up working on a communication interface that minimizes friction of communication, engages the user and the coach and inspires trust.  Alternatively, you might be more interested in working behind the scenes on the the more data-centric problems of sourcing coaches to users efficiently and building tools for coaches to help them do their job with greater insight and speed.

The other key part of the Lantern is experience is that users are given customized and interactive daily learning sessions that teach them techniques to help overcome their mental health difficulties.  If you were to work as an engineer at Lantern, you might work on our platform that powers the rendering and execution of this dynamic content, which happens seamlessly across a multi-device user experience.  Because humans are all different and unique we also strive to make each user’s program customized to them according to the insights we’ve pulled from their data.  If back-end optimization and personalization is a passion of yours the logic that powers this customization is something that you also could choose to work on as an engineer at Lantern.