MM.LaFleur is hiring a

Software Engineer

New York, United States

About our company

MM.LaFleur is a fast-growing professional womenswear company based in New York City. We aim to be the go-to wardrobe solution for women of purpose by taking the work out of dressing for work. Through our thoughtfully-designed products and highly personalized service model, we celebrate and champion the modern professional woman.  

Who are we?

We're a varied group of go-getters who are passionate about reimagining the way women shop and dress for work. We’re scrappy, straightforward, strategic, and snack-oriented. We think big, but we sweat the details. We take our work (but never ourselves) seriously. We have a validated market and die-hard fans, a quickly growing revenue stream, and a whip-smart and energetic team. We are perfectionists who sometimes spill on our clothes. We truly believe we can do it better and faster and smarter—and have more fun while we’re at it. We are incredibly proud of the team and culture we’ve built, and are intensely focused on maintaining and evolving this special thing we’ve got going on.

About this role

We’ve got great opportunities: We have a growing multitude of super-loyal customers, a popular website, multiple physical showrooms, a small army of dedicated stylists, our own warehouse and supply chain -- all the elements we need to craft a unique and sticky cross-channel customer experience. We pioneered our Bento try-before-you-buy experience and we’re hungry for what’s next.

We’ve got fun problems: analytics-driven personal styling and marketing, real-world inventory tracking, personalized algorithmic merchandising, supply chain visibility, speed, scale, data pipeline -- all the things you’d expect of a growing, vertically-integrated clothing brand. Plus we’re treating our stylists as external users, building fast and fun tools to empower them whether they’re on the phone or in the showroom with a customer. Join our team and solve both digital- and physical-world problems with code. We are pushing commerce forward.

What will you do?

  • Keep pushing commerce forward by building great customer experiences
  • Write code that makes things move in the real world
  • Extend financially sensitive applications responsible for all our revenue
  • Use engineering and smart design to scale a finite team of stylists to offer a personal touch to a much, much larger customer base
  • Learn a little bit about a lot of different jobs: clothing designers, marketers, financial analysts, stylists, facilities managers -- you’ll build systems to improve all of their lives, so you’ll get to see the world through their eyes, too.
  • Help hire your coworkers. We’re building out a great engineering team, both in-house and contract

What skills do you have?

  • You’re a skilled developer with 3+ years’ experience
  • We use a bunch of different tools to get the job done, primarily: LAMP Stack, Javascript, CSS, Ruby, Python. You probably have worked with some or all of these
  • You have experience with (or ready to learn) commerce platform management and development
  • You’re excited about using analytics to build better products
  • You appreciate good UX and the designers and engineers that make it possible
  • You’re unafraid of startups—you like flexibility and ownership; you move quickly and (sometimes) break things; you appreciate process, but don’t mind if it doesn’t exist sometimes