AirMap is hiring a

Software Engineer, Node.js

Santa Monica, United States

Software Engineer, Node.js


Are you excited about helping developers build great apps for drones? Does open source software and open data exchange get you revved up? At AirMap, you'll have an opportunity to create APIs, SDKs, and other developer tools to help innovative engineers around the world build apps that interact with our dynamic airspace data platform. 


Attributes of an AirMap Node.js Engineer

  • You're passionate about drones, aviation safety, OSS, SDKs, APIs, and cloud computing.
  • You have a strong understanding of RESTful API design and best practices.
  • You've built maps on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Mapbox or Leaflet, and you know how a tile server works.
  • You have current hands-on coding capabilities with languages, frameworks, and tools such as: Java, Python, Javascript, Node.js, iOS, Android, Ardupilot, Arduino, Pixhawk, Tower, Mission Planner, NAZA-M, Docker, JSON, XML, Linux.
  • You care about the integrity of the data we provide and the value of the data we receive.
  • You’re worked with regulatory information and geospatial datasets before.
  • You’re a doer – you lead by example and are excited by the opportunity to grow into an engineering management role.
  • You get the Agile development environment.
  • You’re a good problem solver and a good communicator.


Bonus Points if…

  • You’re proficient with AWS
  • You have a good eye for design and UX
  • You actively contribute to Open Source software