Wistia is hiring a

Software Engineer (User Growth Team)

Cambridge, United States

Every day, people watch over 60,000 hours of video delivered by Wistia. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes to make that happen. What started years ago as a meager Rails app running on a single shared hosting box is now many services running on hundreds of machines.

We’re looking for engineers who are excited to work with cross-functional team members to solve hard problems. You’ll fit in great if you’re excited about learning, thrilled by tough challenges, and not afraid to ask for help when you hit a wall. Most importantly, we want people who are curious and collaborative.

To do this effectively, you must understand the fundamentals of how our application works, wear front-end and back-end hats depending on what the problem calls for, and think creatively about how to drive customer behavior at critical moments within our funnel.

This team member will sit with engineering and be part of our cross-functional Growth Team, tasked with all things user growth. We won't just rely on you for your technical skills, but also for creative input identifying projects that help our users engage more with the product.

In a typical week, you will:

  • Work with engineers, marketers and product managers to create new onboarding experiences and app functionality
  • Launch projects and experiments to increase new user product adoption and activation
  • Use data to determine the success of those projects
  • Solve challenging problems
  • Learn every single day!

Here are some qualities we look for in Wistia engineers, along with why we feel they are important to our team:

  • You are curious and enjoy learning: We’re constantly faced with the unknown at Wistia. How do we create an analytics tracking system for 360 video? How do we scale a distributed system? How do you determine what a reliable system is?
  • You are a collaborator: We dig pair programming, we’re always up to help each other get unstuck, and we ask each other for help when we don’t understand something.
  • You have strong communication skills: Each of us only has part of the overall picture at any given time. Synthesizing our ideas and explaining them at the right level of complexity is a daily part of our jobs. At the same time, listening with empathy is key to understanding each other’s perspectives and requirements, especially as we work with other teams across the company.
  • You like to take initiative: We’re often faced with situations where the next step isn’t clear, but where the only way forward is to jump in and start making things better.
  • You write clean and understandable code: We try to write code for each other and for our future selves. Code that is clear, tested, and composable sets us up for speed, reliability, and a more enjoyable development experience overall.
  • You know your fundamentals: Fads and frameworks come and go. We’re less worried that you know the Next Hot Thing than that you feel comfortable with the underlying data structures, algorithms, languages, and protocols that make web applications work.
  • You care about security: It is critical to our business that customers are able to trust us with their data. Sanitizing inputs, closing loopholes, and staying up-to-date on current threats is an essential part of every engineer’s job.
  • You are okay thinking in trade offs: In a production environment, we often have to make choices about how to allocate our resources. How do we balance reliability and availability in a distributed database? How do we pay down technical debt while developing new features? These are regular conversations on the engineering team.

Of course, the caveat to all these statements is that we’re a company full of human beings - sometimes we don’t live up to our own high standards. When we don’t, we figure out what went wrong and what it takes to keep moving forward.

Wistia offers you:

  • A competitive salary and 401k
  • Flexible hours
  • Full healthcare coverage (including dental) and FSA
  • Up to 12 weeks paid family leave
  • Untracked vacation and sick leave (most employees take about four weeks)
  • Transportation subsidies
  • Financial support for continuing education and professional development
  • Sponsorship for conferences
  • An office located just outside Central Square in Cambridge, MA. We're right on the Red Line, surrounded by great restaurants, parks, and even a dog park.

If it helps to know, we are profitable, growing, and have raised only seed money, so we have the luxury of being able to make decisions that best serve the long-term value of the company.

We are working hard to make Wistia a diverse and inclusive place where everyone feels respected, comfortable, and welcome. We want you to have fun here! Come join us and let’s build really cool things together.