General Assembly is hiring a

Software Engineering Immersive Instructional Associate

Boston, United States

Since 2011, General Assembly has transformed tens of thousands of careers through pioneering, experiential education in today’s most in-demand skills. As featured in The Economist, Wired, and The New York Times, GA offers training in web development, data, design, business, and more, both online and at campuses around the world. Our global professional community boasts 40,000 full- and part-time alumni — and counting.

In addition to fostering career growth for individuals, GA helps employers cultivate top tech talent and spur innovation by transforming their teams through strategic learning. More than 21,000 employees at elite companies worldwide have honed their digital fluency with our corporate training programs. GA has also been recognized as one of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, and Fast Company has dubbed us leaders in World-Changing Ideas as well as the #1 Most Innovative Company in Education.
We are looking for full-time Instructional Associates to join our instructional team:
Our Software Engineering Immersive course is a life-changing educational experience where our students learn the skills and mindsets to take on new careers as web developers. We are looking for Developers in Residence with strong JavaScript experience to play a key role with this course.
Why teach our Software Engineering Immersive?
If you are looking to make a life-changing impact by sharing your love for software development with the next generation of developers, we’d love for you to consider joining our team. As an instructional associate in our SEI course, you will have the opportunity to shape the vision and delivery of the course materials.
We deliver more than just skills training, and are looking for teachers who share our vision for a community of lifelong learners pursuing work that they love. As a full-time instructional associate for our flagship full-time software engineering program, you will work with our instructional team to:
  • Work closely with one or more Instructors to guide students through a rigorous, transformational journey towards apprenticeship in software development.
  • Become a better teacher, leader, and mentor as you learn from veteran instructors and our world-class instructional coaches.
  • Inspire and support students as they identify their passions and drive their own continued learning beyond the curriculum.
  • Adapt our global curriculum and use it to guide your teaching, building your own lesson plans as needed and contributing back your lessons learned over time.
  • Facilitate a safe, supportive, and energetic community that welcomes the various needs and learning styles of your students.
  • Identify and implement best practices for using resources to maximize student engagement
What do we teach?
In general, our curriculum is scaffolded to follow the historical evolution of web development. We start by teaching the fundamentals of programming and web design through JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. About 25% of our course (normally unit 2 of 4) focuses on Rails MVC or similar framework like Python's Django, using that context to introduce databases, security, and other foundational knowledge. The rest of the course (units 3 and 4) focuses back on JavaScript. We cover API development in Node, then tackle one or more front-end MV* frameworks (Backbone, Angular, Ember, React). We also cover all sorts of other things that junior web developers need to know, like source control, team collaboration, and developer workflow.
We give students the chance to spend focused time building at least 4 major projects, in addition to other smaller projects and labs. About 20% of overall class time is spent on dedicated project work.
Required Skills and Qualifications


  • You are the person that your colleagues naturally gravitate to when they are trying to figure something out.
  • You are eager to shape the skills, minds, and the careers of the newest generation of web developers.
  • You are eager to teach 
  • You have working experience in both front-end and back-end development, and are fluent in
  • HTML and CSS
  • Full-stack JavaScript (strong JavaScript highly preferred)
  • At least one JS MV* framework (Angular, Backbone, or React preferred)
  • SQL databases (we generally use PosgreSQL
  • NoSQL (we generally cover MongoDB)
  • At least one additional object-oriented language (Python or Ruby preferred

Preferred Qualifications

  • You have at least 2 years working within a developer/engineering role
  • You have an enthusiasm for mentorship and education
  • You should be in good standing in your current role
  • You are interested in being a part of a larger team
  • Familiarity and comfort with least one additional object-oriented language (Python or Ruby preferred)
Role & Responsibilities
  • Work with colleagues to ensure that students meet graduation requirements
  • Meet consistently with a designated group of students in your cohort to chart their progress and provide ongoing support
  • Responsible for the growth and development of a cohort of students within the class
  • Foster a collaborative, community-minded learning environment
  • Ongoing student communication around course progress
  • Homework support and grading feedback
  • Delivering lesson content in the front of a classroom of 15-25 students.
  • Comfortable giving and receiving feedback to colleagues
  • Able to exhibit agility, making changes to your approach / style / lesson on the fly.
  • Assist Lead Instructors in lesson planning and creation

Nice to haves: 

  • Collaborative
  • Comfortable delivering feedback
  • Confident
  • Empathetic
  • Focused on quality
  • JavaScript
  • NoSQL (MongoDB preferred)
  • Passionate and driven
  • Adaptable 
  • Passionate about education
  • Personable
  • Receptive to constructive criticism
  • SQL databases (PostgreSQL preferred)
  • Willingness to learn