Hudl is hiring a

Software Quality Analyst

Sydney, Australia

About You

  • You love tech. You love software and are fascinated by cutting edge hardware. You read about it when you unwind at the end of the day. You know which companies are creating novel solutions to hard problems with technology. You can’t stop showing other people about the latest cool app you found.
  • You’re naturally curious. You don’t stop with the obvious but instead think about what might happen in the extreme cases. You constantly ask questions and dig deeper to learn more.
  • You’re empathetic. You might not be an analyst, coach, or athlete,, but you could think like one when it comes to using Hudl. You think critically about their experience and understand that there is more than one way to do things.  It would drive you mad if that experience was awful.
  • You never stop learning. You constantly want to know more. Maybe it’s about QA or software, maybe it’s about other topics - doesn’t matter. You’re absolutely hungry for more knowledge and ideas, and you can show us how you’ve used that to improve yourself.
  • You have experience in software testing. Doesn’t matter what kind of software testing it is, you’ve done it. You can design test plans and run regression tests in your sleep. And, the Mac and iOS environments are your playground. If you have automation experience, that’s a huge plus in our book. too.


Things You’ll Do

  • You'll work on Sportscode. It's a powerful, Mac OSX-based video tagging tool built for elite and professional sports organizations. It's used around the world by some impressive teams - 29 NBA teams, 19 Premier League clubs, 18 teams in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and all of the AFL. These teams depend on Sportscode to organize their massive amounts of film, and call up key moments that matter very quickly.
  • You’ll test. Big surprise, right? But it’s really important. Great software always has a phenomenal tester behind it. You’ll write test plans for brand new features and enhancements to document your steps. You’ll test standard user paths and think creatively about an edge-case or two. When your skills demand it, you implement and run some automated tests, too.
  • You'll create a new testing processes.  Hudl approaches testing in entirely new ways. We really are looking for someone in Sydney to help keep defining the processes and documentation that goes into testing a sophisticated thick-client application.
  • You’ll think like a user. We see QA as “the user before the user.” How will you get there? Everyone at Hudl is expected to interact with our users directly. That can happen by combing through feedback submissions or conducting user interviews. You’ll be the voice for our users, ensuring we build, test, and set high standards for the best software experience we can provide. You’ll constantly ask yourself, “Would someone love to use this?”
  • You’ll be an integral part of the team. As a QA, you won’t just be responsible for testing. You’ll be involved in the planning and development of a feature from the start. You’ll work side-by-side with talented Developers, Designers, and Product Managers every day ensuring Hudl stays on top of its game.
  • You’ll deploy code directly to production a lot. That's right, QA does the deploying at Hudl. And, you’ll have to be ready to deploy frequently. Ultimately, you’ll have the final word about when a feature is done and ready to be in the hands of coaches, analysts, and athletes.

About Hudl

Hudl is changing the future of sports technology. We build video analysis tools for teams around the world, at every level of competition. Our software provides over 3.5 million coaches and athletes the insight they need to win.

To do that, we have to build great software. So we move fast and get insights directly from our users. Our teams stay small and nimble, which means everyone chips in to make our product awesome for our users.