Hudl is hiring a

Software Quality Analyst

Omaha, United States

At Hudl, the future of sports technology is constantly changing. We build, deliver and support new products for teams at every level of competition. With more than 3.5 million users worldwide, our tools connect coaches and athletes around the video and data they need to win.  

We need a Software Quality Analyst to join us and work from our awesome office spaces in Lincoln or Omaha.  At Hudl, we take quality seriously. That’s why quality analysts get involved at the start of development. It’s also why the quality analyst is the user before the user.

You Will

  • Test. You’ll write test plans and documentation for brand new features and enhancements on web and mobile clients. You’ll automate regression and load tests on web and mobile applications. You’ll use CasperJS, Selenium and Appium automation frameworks, and write scripts in Python and JavaScript.
  • Think like a user. Everyone at Hudl is expected to interact with our users directly. Through feedback submissions, attending actual games and conducting interviews, you’ll be the voice for our users, ensuring we build, test and set high standards for the best software experience possible.
  • Be an integral part of the team. Everyone on the product team is responsible for quality, but you’ll show them the way.
  • Evaluate and understand risk. Use your understanding of the architecture and the service/UI separation to understand risk and tailor test coverage based on that understanding.
  • Move fast. We like fast. It’s the best way to get insights from users and make smart decisions as quickly as possible. You’ll create and execute test plans, write automated test scripts, update documentation, talk with users, look at data to analyze trends for stable solutions, and deploy code.

You Are

  • A lover of tech and you have the skills to prove it. You've graduated with a degree in Computer Science or a related field. You’re always thinking of ways to create efficiencies in your work with automation. You’ve used languages like SQL, JavaScript, or Python in your daily work. You know which companies are creating novel solutions to hard problems with technology.
  • Naturally curious and never stop learning. You’re hungry for more knowledge and ideas, and able to show us how that improves the way you work. You think about what might happen in the most extreme cases, constantly digging deeper to learn more.
  • Empathetic. You may have never been a coach, athlete, or recruiter, but you could think like one when it comes to using Hudl. You think critically about their experience and understand that there is more than one way to do things.

We Will

  • Treat you like an adult. We trust you to get work done and take a break when you need it. Use time off when you want and how you want.
  • Take care of you. Our paid health insurance and retirement plans will let you and your family sleep soundly.
  • Feed you. Hudl provides daily lunches in our Lincoln and Omaha offices, and lunch once a week in our Boston and London offices.