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Sr. Digital Designer at MediaMonks MX

Ciudad de México, Mexico

MediaMonks Mexico is shopping for an experienced Spanish and English-speaking Sr. Digital Designer of large-scale sites, apps and platform projects. A true-born digital designer who is not only an aesthetics deity but is ready to coach junior designers and the design department as a whole to excel at what they do. If you’re the one, we’d love to be the zero so we can make beautiful binary babies together. Role & Responsibilities

  • As a Sr. Digital Design Monk, you’ll join an international team of designers in crafting amazing work for the world’s leading agencies and their brands.
  • You’ll be designing award-winning websites, apps and platforms; translating creative concepts into functional designs and brand values into compelling visual styles.
  • Your job is to make sure aesthetics are harmonized with usability, working side by side with our in-house creatives and UX designers.
  • You produce quick sketches, mockups and prototypes to support concept proposals.
  • You’ll also be involved in pitching projects and developing workshops.
  • You don’t follow trends; you set them and enjoy doing so.
  • You have an unquenchable curiosity for all-things digital, from apps and platforms to emerging tech.


  • You make sure all designs are in line with the project’s objectives and client expectations.
  • As showcased in your interactive portfolio, you have a comprehensive experience with everything from responsive web design for large-scale platforms to mobile apps.
  • You can contribute at all stages of the design process, from conceptualizing styles and wireframing websites (IA) to doing layout compositions (UI) and mobile translations.
  • You have a well-developed understanding of grid systems, colour theory and typography, and can tie each of these elements together with obsessive attention to detail.
  • You know how to hover behind junior and mid-level designers in a sacred ritual called constructive feedback.
  • You have solid client-facing experience and break ice instead of sweat when you present designs or lead workshops.
  • We work across continents and time-zones, so your high-level English will allow you to understand and communicate complex problems and ingenious solutions fluently.
  • You also understand the (business) objectives of global brands, technology and entertainment like no other; it’s up to you to make sure both the commercial and the creative goals of a project live and align in perfect harmony.
  • Your Photoshop/Sketch skills are so slick, they look photoshopped; and you also know how to organize your files, layers and folders neatly, even if you’re a creative mess outside of Adobe CS.
  • While you know all about the good, the bad and the ugly of UI design, you understand that design is about moving people’s emotions instead of pixels.
  • You have experience shaping all stages of the design process, from conceptualizing styles to finalizing layouts and rolling out designs across markets and formats.
  • In addition to visual prowess, you have strong social and professional skills and feel confident in tackling high-end projects in tag team with colleagues and clients–wherever they are.


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