RocketSpace is hiring a

Sr Manager: Corporate Membership

San Francisco, United States

Here's the Gist:

The Sr Manager of Corporate Membership Programs will focus on helping the existing team build out the strategy that guides the Corporate Membership and the multiple programs that guide the practice. This teams main focus is to create an exceptional experience for the corporate members.

A Little More About You:

You are passionate about creating exceptional moments and experiences for your clients. You are highly creative as well as analytical. You are exceptionally organized, experienced with project management and motivated to make things happen. You have nerves of steel and don't panic under pressure in fast moving environments. You embrace teamwork while promoting a culture of openness and flexibility, helping to ensure the team is working in a collaborative and positive environment. This team is small but mighty and only has room for someone who has a passion for innovation and helping large organizations capitalize on big opportunities through engaging with the startup community.

Aspects of this Role:

  • Growth is your Game. You are driven to attract and retain the Global Fortune 1000 clients to this program.  You are passionate about developing a vibrant community with rich diversity in client members.
  • Know our community. You easily understand their needs and can deliver to it without question.
  • You know how to develop a program that gives people an experience of exclusivity while a fear of missing out. People thrive in the experience you create and drive
  • Motivate our team. By understanding the customer experience, you can confidently collaborate with and drive the team to meet and exceed goals, metrics and expectations
  • Lead the team. Ensure the team is working together towards a common goal no matter how many pivots and extra tasks. In addition to solid communication and direction, provide regular feedback and praise in addition to empowering them to be the voice for our customers to the rest of the company
  • Balance and prioritize. Our clients are our #1 priority - both startups and corporates. Their experience, both in person and remote, must be best in class. Ability to plan, coordinate, and prioritize projects while keeping appropriate personnel apprised of status on a regular basis.
  • Manage the unknown. Sometimes things don’t go as expected. But you know that drill all too well and can manage around it.  You plan for the unexpected and manage our team to do the same. You are a calming force.
  • Strive to work smarter, not harder. Support the team in constantly evaluating solutions, workarounds, processes, policies, etc., to drive initiatives to improve quality, efficiency and experience.
  • Know our space. You have significant experience in corporate innovation and startup activities.  You are driven to help bring the two worlds together for mutual benefit.  In your role, you make sure that you and the team are continuously bringing new insights and knowledge from across RocketSpace to the experience we deliver in our Corporate Membership
  • You can work across teams.  This role is about empowering and leveraging the rest of the organization to help delivery on certain projects. You can anticipate and plan accordingly, leading others to delivery with quality and impact.
  • Share your knowledge. Train and onboard new team members in addition to constantly thinking about ways to keep our current team members well-informed and knowledgeable
  • Forecast needs. Continuously assess needs and forecast accordingly.  As we expand corporate membership to the global fortune 1000 - you are in tune with what is needed as we continue to drive the program.
  • Great Communicator.  Able to establish relationships quickly and form strong partnerships, including building and maintaining collaborative working relationships with highly diverse stakeholders
  • You Build Relationships. Experience in establishing partnerships and collaborations with business, industry, and public agencies in workforce development and training projects required.
  • Have fun. This is a small team that works incredibly hard, no matter the new challenges, teach the team to face it with a head held high and a smile on their face.

You also have:

  • A keen sense of customer service and understand how to create exceptional experiences
  • The ability to lead a room full of thought leaders and industry experts
  • Passion for tech and in-depth knowledge of the startup landscape
  • Point of view on how corporations can best leverage the tech and startup ecosystem
  • Professional experience in a fast paced environment
  • Effective communication skills, with the ability to multi-task and manage multiple expectations of team members.
  • Great organizational skills
  • Always ensure that deadlines are met and processes, operations and logistics run smoothly.
  • A get-it-done attitude
  • Fiery protection of the RocketSpace CIS brand and mission.
  • Willingness to roll up your sleeves for the less glamorous side of the work.
  • No fairy dust - you don’t say anything without results to back it up.


  • Bachelor’s (or other advanced) degree
  • 5-8 years experience in leading community development and customer experience.  
  • Must have experience in corporate innovation, startup engagement, VCs, etc.
  • Experience leading and managing multiple development projects at once and tracking and reporting progress to a variety of audiences
  • Ability to manage, plan, and execute programs and related events - leading a high performing team.

A Little More About Us:

RocketSpace is a technology campus headquartered in the heart of San Francisco. Since 2011, the company has been helping tech entrepreneurs, startups and corporate innovation professionals bring the future to market.

The company offers services to its members including programming, consulting, events, and office-as-a-service, which together create the perfect ecosystem and community for innovation to thrive. Select startup alumni include Uber, Spotify, Practice Fusion, and Leap Motion.  RocketSpace’s roster of corporate clients include Converse, Tata Communications, Royal Bank of Scotland, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Samsung, Schneider Electric, and ABinBev.

RocketSpace's policy is to provide equal opportunity to all persons without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, marital status, Vietnam era/disabled veteran status, physical or mental disability, or other protected classes prohibited by applicable law. RocketSpace policy prohibits harassment of applicants or employees on the basis of any protected classes. RocketSpace has established a continuing Affirmative Action Program to assure equal employment opportunity in all its policy decisions affecting recruitment, selection, assignment, promotion, training, and all other terms and conditions of employment.­