Omidyar Network is hiring a

Sr. Manager, Learning & Impact

Redwood City, United States


Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay, and his wife, Pam, established Omidyar Network (ON) in 2004 based on the belief that every person has the potential to make a difference. Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm dedicated to harnessing the power of markets to create opportunity for people to improve their lives. The organization invests in and helps scale innovative organizations to catalyze economic and social change. To date, Omidyar Network has committed more than $900 million to for-profit companies and non-profit organizations that foster empowerment and economic advancement across multiple initiatives, including: financial inclusion, property rights, governance and citizen engagement, emerging technologies, and education, as well as with our impact investing and entrepreneurship teams. Over time, about 45% of our investment has taken the form of early stage equity investments in start-ups with the potential for social impact, and about 55% in grants to non-profits or research. To learn more, please visit Unique in the world of impact investment, we make both private investments and nonprofit grants within a single initiative area (e.g., education), identifying like-minded innovators and organizations that we support, help scale, and collaborate with to help realize their full potential. ON’s focus is broad, both topically and geographically, including US, India, SE Asia, Africa, and Latin America.



Omidyar Network operates with multiple forms of capital, including: Financial capital, led by the initiative investment teams; Human Capital, which provides recruiting and executive coaching to help portfolio companies scale their operations; and Intellectual Capital, which is a function dedicated to thoughtful analysis and learning as a driver for the strategic direction of the firm's work. ON introduced the Intellectual Capital team in 2013, with strategy, research, and learning functions to complement existing investment and portfolio management approaches to amplify our investees’ social and commercial impact at scale.

We serve as key thought partners for the Board, organizational leadership, individual initiative areas, and in some cases directly for our portfolio investees to support strategic decision-making, cutting edge research, and continuous learning at all levels of ON’s work, with the purpose of steering ON to best serve its mission. To do this, we operate as an in-house consulting group, research shop, and think tank. We also are responsible for scanning for future trends and opportunities to deliver impact that fall outside of or adjacent to our current initiative areas.

We are a tightly-knit team that values intellectual rigor, diverse perspectives, and a sense of humor. Our global team includes about 10 people across three offices. We work on the most important strategic questions facing ON, innovative research with field-shaping implications, analytics to support organizational learning and improvement, and much more, tackling topics such as:

  • Setting and refining corporate strategy with the ON Board and senior management (e.g., where should we focus in Africa?);
  • Developing investment strategies and leading research in support of our initiative investment teams, exploring major trends and scope new potential investment areas within their remit (e.g., where should our financial inclusion efforts focus? Does EdTech improve learning outcomes?).
  • Providing targeted strategic support (if requested) to selected portfolio organizations (e.g., should a particular portfolio firm consider a pivot from B2B to B2C?);
  • Investigating and analyzing cross-cutting topics/issues of importance to our investment teams and portfolio organizations (e.g., where can equity crowdfunding be extended to increase impact; do start-up accelerators work?)

The Learning and Impact team is a part the Intellectual capital team and focuses on establishing the key processes (strategy, reflection, impact frameworks at sector and transaction level, measurement, hypothesis development, etc.) as well as nurturing the right culture (openness, trust, curiosity, etc.) needed to foster a vibrant learning organization.

POSITION SUMMARY: ON is seeking a passionate, independent, entrepreneurial individual who can help us become a best in class learning organization supported by rigorous and effective impact measurement. The successful candidate will work in the Learning and Impact team on strengthening ON’s learning cycle which includes:

  • Strategy:

o Assist initiative teams (e.g. education, financial inclusion) with research to test their theories of change

o Ensure system thinking is effectively used in each strategy

o Serve as a resource to ensure all investments have well designed hypotheses to guide learning

  • Systematic Reflection: Assist initiative teams to develop a practice of regular and systematic reflection on their impact.
  • Partner with the investment management team in the design and delivery of portfolio impact reviews when needed
  • Design and develop formative and summative evaluations for selected, more mature investments
  • Commission research to inform investments and strategies
  • Impact Measurement: Develop and apply an impact framework and metrics to help us ask the right questions and collect the right data
  • Refine and be the “owner” institutionally for ON’s impact framework at sector and transaction level
  • Ensure firm level and system level impact measurements are integrated
  • Produce biennial reviews of ON’s social impact, key trends, data, and learnings
  • Represent ON at selected impact and evaluation forums
  • Feedback Systems and Future Sensing:
  • Design and develop systems of feedback to guide both investments and strategies
  • Further develop and manage rapid research tools (like Lean Data) to understand end consumers of ON investees (and others)
  • Contribute to a future sensing capability to help initiatives understand and adapt to important trends and ideas
  • Cross Cutting Analysis: Assist firm leadership in conducting key analyses of cross-cutting issues, results, and trends to inform ON operations, e.g., drivers of ON financial returns; drivers of success in B2B and B2G investments; patterns and results of sub-portfolios (e.g., large non-profit grantees).



  • A deep passion for Omidyar Network’s mission and approach to social change, and preferably some prior professional exposure to our focus areas
  • Excellent and demonstrated understanding of impact measurement and evaluation and how to adapt approaches to diverse needs.  Willingness to be flexible on impact approach, and to adapt conventional evaluation methodologies in service to ON’s early stage investing and contribution-based approach.
  • A minimum of 8-10 years of relevant experience that demonstrate solid management, analytic, problem-solving, and impact measurement skills, with the following credentials:
    o Experience with a top-tier strategy consultancy (minimum 2 years) serving private sector clients strongly preferred
    o Experience in-market with emerging / developing economies strongly preferred.
    o Experience in mission-oriented work in addition to private sector experience a strong plus, e.g., donor agency, NGO, foundation, social enterprise.
  • Ability to switch between strategic and practical thinking, with top-class project management skills
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Clear written and oral communication skills required. Fluency in various formats (e.g. PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
  • High tolerance for ambiguity and ability to work independently
  • Authorization to work in US
  • MBA preferred but not required Position is based in Redwood City. It will be housed in the intellectual capital unit and will report to the Senior Director for Learning and Impact.