MediaMonks is hiring a

Sr. Digital Strategist at MediaMonks MX

Ciudad de México, Mexico

Our Mexican Monastery is searching for a hands-on strategist who combines research and rigour to develop effective strategies for achieving digital success. We’re not looking for a digital marketer or a social media ‘guru’ but for someone who can identify and develop the strategic direction companies and businesses should take in the digital space.

In this English + Spanish-speaking role, you’ll join our all-star team of Monks in producing digital products and projects for top-name clients. You’ll be one of the first 20 Monks to join our Condesa office, playing a key role in establishing MediaMonks as one of the top production partners in Latin America.

Role & Responsibilities

  • As our go-to Monk for digital strategy, you’ll play a central role in pitching for new projects and the strategic development of existing platform and digital transformation projects.
  • You’ll work across all phases of our projects: from developing first insights to defining roadmaps for the future development of projects.
  • Working on behalf of leading LATAM companies, you’ll help establish the strategic foundation for digital ecosystems, brand sites, apps and other award-winning projects.
  • Expanding upon the product strategy, you’ll work with the client team to develop the digital strategy, identifying what needs to be achieved and providing directions for how to achieve it.
  • You’ll run workshops together with our clients — or whatever we’re calling meetings these days — gathering key objectives, requirements and other success markers.
  • You turn the original brief or request into an actionable plan: a framework grounded in data and elevated by insights.
  • Based on original research, you define the strategic scope and brief that allow our creative teams to excel, laying the groundwork on which successful projects can be built.
  • Validating insights and ideas at every turn, you help to ensure the solutions we develop impact the client’s business in the best possible way, taking into account objectives as well as opportunity costs.

Become Our Digital Strategy Monk in Mexico
At MediaMonks, you'll be able to create work at one of the top 50 companies creatives would kill to work for. You’ll get to produce award-winning work with prize-worthy coworkers as part of a successful and super-fast-moving-(and-growing) company on a global mission to become the very best production partner in any field and market. If you fit the bill, we’d love to hear from you.

We stand for equal-opportunity employment and welcome applications from people from all backgrounds. Please be attentive to the requirements and accompany your application with a personal cover letter showing why you’re the right Monk for the role. Questions? [email protected] has answers.


  • For this senior-level role, we’re looking for someone with 5+ years of high-level experience developing digital or product strategies on behalf of high-profile brands.
  • You’re not a brand-strategist-doing-digital but a true digital strategist who understands the online landscape through and through.
  • You can demonstrate superior process, research and problem-solving skills, along with a talent for presentation.
  • Your critical understanding of the digital landscape and trends enables you to ask the right questions and better-define what needs to be achieved in the first place.
  • You can quickly grasp brands’ digital business objectives, and you don’t just know where to go but also why, and how to get there.
  • You have functional market research skills (benchmarking, expert analysis, trend research) and know about the good, the bad and the ugly of digital products and advertising.
  • You have a drive for creating clear and actionable strategy proposals and debriefs that are free of needless jargon and empty words.
  • You’re equally capable and confident when it comes to presenting digital strategies to A-list clients, up to the C-level.
  • You’re experienced with workshopping, data analysis; as well as with relationship building and networking.
  • You can provide solid strategic advice even under tight deadlines, tactfully narrowing the scope if need be instead of lowering the quality.
  • Your strategies are not just really good but also realistic; you have a clear understanding of what is needed to produce digital work.
  • In addition to English and Spanish, you talk business and technology at a high strategic level: you know how to steer big organisations through digital transformations.
  • Last but not least, you’re a joy to work with: you’re great with clients and coworkers alike and know how to inspire teams to go the extra mile.


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