InMotion is hiring a

Start-up Facilitator and Interaction Designer

London, United Kingdom

What we’re looking for

We are hiring a Facilitator & Interaction Designer to help our venture teams, facilitate their growth, capture best-practice and share learning across InMotion and ventures, to build capability, better teams and smarter, more agile ways of working

As a facilitator and coach you will know exactly what it takes to develop, support and guide our teams. Our talent is everything, and you are pivotal in helping everyone work together in the best way possible. As our team champion you will build interdependency and the culture of InMotion.

In this role you will work closely with our teams to enable them to work more collaboratively, effectively and productively, promoting best practice and shared learning across teams through a defined feedback loop. You will help groups and individuals work better so they can learn, create and innovate. You will design environments and processes that make it easy and natural for people to collaborate. This could be as a group or more focused 1:1 coaching.

You will actively develop agile team behaviour to improve processes and dynamic. You will facilitate the way we want to work, to overcome obstacles, deal with challenges and encourage transparency, positive behaviour and interactions.

Working with the teams you will proactively capture learning, providing the mechanism to share and empower everyone to take control and maximise their capability. You will be an evangelist for sustainable improvement, and our desire to want to get better every day, as we learn more and seek to bring the whole team along the journey.

We're a business moving at an incredible pace and it will only grow if we can support and nurture the very best talent, how they work and behave as a unit. As a dynamic and forward thinking innovation unit, you’ll be at the heart of our people and team development strategy, to help keep the business InMotion. That means there are always new projects that you might need to support, new teams to help bring together, and issues that will need to be worked on so we can keep moving forward.

What the role will have to deliver

Coach all teams and ventures on team facilitation and knowledge transfer practices and methods
- Provide training and upskilling on lean start-up methods to co-founder cohorts
- Work hands-on with sprint teams on projects and ventures to guide, support and coach their direction
- Facilitate the adoption, implementation and sustainability of agile processes, principles, and practices

Be our agent for building a positive culture of innovation
- Lead training for project teams and / or client teams, at all levels
- Run team workshops that support effective team engagement and interactions
- Nurture an environment conducive to building new start-up businesses

Support venture team formation, behaviour and dynamics in the Incubator
- Facilitate venture team formation and engagement in the Incubator
- Support rapid problem solving and team dynamics issues in ventures
- Manage venture interactions with incubator advisors/mentors/expert

Support the development of innovation management processes, tools and culture
- Support the Lab with the open-innovation strategy and approach
- Implement hackathons and other events that support knowledge capture and learning
- Build strategic relationships with academic and research institutions

Develop and implement a learning capture and feedback approach across InMotion
- Act as the learning champion to continuously improve knowledge and sharing
- Develop the digital tools, design immersive learning experiences
- Capture best practice with external experts and champions

Assist HR with entrepreneurial talent resourcing and events
- Support the recruitment process to identify and resource the right talent
- Support new hire induction and on-boarding of entrepreneurial talent
- Upskill and train the team and co-founders on an ongoing basis

Establish and promote InMotion as an employer brand of choice
- Build relationships with start-up eco-system (accelerators/incubators etc.)
- Support the development and building of the InMotion culture including new initiatives
- Embody the office culture by creating a fun, dynamic, and productive environment