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Stealth Startup X - Electrical Engineer

Palo Alto, United States
We created a stealth startup inside Playground Global dedicated to building next-generation sensing technologies that empowers AI in the physical world.  Toward that goal we are building a world-class team of hardware engineers, software engineers, photonics researchers, and roboticists.  If you are passionate about building "eyes" to help AI better see and act in the world, we would love to chat.

We are looking for hardware engineers/electrical engineers to join our talented team!


  • Design and development of electrical subsystem in advanced optical sensing/imaging systems.
  • Electrical designs including laser driving circuit, amplification circuit, sampling circuit, time-to-digital converter, power management, high-speed interface, and peripheral circuits around microcontroller and SoCs.
  • Design and layout densely populated PCB, and be responsible for managing vendors for PCB fabrication and assembly process.
  • PCB integration, evaluation, test, debug, and verification.

Playground is a hardware studio and venture fund that has raised over $300M from strategic partners such as Foxconn, Google, HP, Seagate, Tencent and others.  Our Palo Alto facility houses all the tools, toys and experts under one roof. Our goal is to make it easier for entrepreneurs to start hardware companies by providing valuable resources and expertise.

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