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Strategic Business Development Manager

This job ad is posted on behalf of Open Access Network, which aims to improve internet in the Philippines by providing more choices for Filipinos and helping Retail Service Providers (RSPs) reach more customers.

  • Develop strategies across the business including generating demand for partnerships, establishing appropriate channels to fastrack and drive revenue growth, and broadening business opportunities through product development
  • Provide consultative expertise through business mapping and case development, strategic market analysis, industry and product updates, and optimization of partner performance
  • Spearhead expansion plans in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to ensure alignment across businesses
  • Build a robust and extensive network of business partnerships and facilitate enablement and collaboration to solve industry challenges
  • Monitor operational expenses and ensure projects and initiatives are cost-effective and sustainable
  • Maintain market intelligence and forecast long-term market availabilities and strategic and contingency plans, including responses to potential market threats and opportunities
  • Conduct analysis and audits to ensure missed opportunities or low conversion rates are identified and addressed
  • Establish operational standards and processes based on best industry practices and market analysis
  • Ensure that clients and partners receive the highest level of client satisfaction.


  • 5 years minimum experience in an executive or management consulting role plus proven experience in creating new growth opportunities in strategic business development or consultation roles
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, preferably in more than one language, in order to collaborate with diverse clients
  • Preferably with a strong network in real estate and/or telecommunications industries
  • Strong business acumen, ambition, and integrity to craft compelling win-win partnerships and deals in unique business relationships
  • Proven track record in identifying, building, and negotiating complex partnerships in diverse markets
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and manage multiple projects with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders, including C-Suite constituents.
  • Strong analytical skills and able to draw insights and meaningful pitch points from data-driven analysis
  • Ability to establish credibility and to drive and/or defend business propositions
  • Highly goal-driven and proactive, and thrives in fast-paced and competitive environments
  • Independent, adaptable, and comfortable with ambiguity and unstructured roles
  • Having in-depth and thorough knowledge of business products and value proposition in local and global telecommunications is preferred

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