Vokal is hiring a

Strategic Growth Manager

Chicago, United States

The Vokal Strategic Growth Manager is a curious, intelligent, and collaborative individual who works with our Growth Product Managers and Business Development team to oversee and expand existing client relationships at Vokal. In its simplest form, the role of the Strategic Growth Manager is to diagnose the current state of each client’s business using a consultative approach, develop a tailored plan to address their current needs, and create a roadmap for future growth opportunities.

Strategic Growth Managers are dedicated to 2-3 different clients, building relationships to drive additional value through innovative digital experiences. They take time to gain an understanding of the client’s challenges, needs, and goals and apply a metrics-driven approach to evaluate where the client is and where they want to go. Strategic Growth Managers navigate between internal teams and external clients, representing Vokal’s ideas just as strongly as they represent our clients’ wishes. At the end of the day, they help put the product team in a position to deliver exceptional digital solutions.

As a Strategic Growth Manager, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the digital landscape and be able to bring a venture lens to evaluate companies according to where they are in their lifecycle. Ultimately, your goal is to grow existing accounts by fostering a dynamic, long-term partnership with our clients. Day-to-day activities include communicating directly with clients, participating in product meetings, tracking key performance metrics, leading brainstorming sessions, and developing strategic roadmaps. 

Position Responsibilities

  • Work with the Business Development team to socialize future growth opportunities with clients early in the process, ideating around a growth roadmap at the client level
  • Work with the Product team to align on goals, discuss features and requirements, develop a data strategy, and ideate around a growth roadmap at the product level
  • Participate in internal kickoffs with the Product team and external kickoffs with the client
    • Responsibilities include developing a metrics tracking plan, ideating around future growth opportunities, and prioritizing key features and tests
  • Internally, act as an ambassador of the client’s business goals and expectations throughout the project process
  • Externally, operate as the lead point of contact for any and all matters specific to the client and the relationship
    • Be in tune with key account indicators including client satisfaction, business goals, targets, profitability, and strategic objectives
    • Continually set appropriate engagement expectations, report on metrics, and align on strategic initiatives
  • Collaborate with cross-discipline teams within Vokal to assemble client-facing presentation materials
  • Facilitate meaningful quarterly business reviews with clients to realign on goals, identify adjacent opportunities, and discuss industry trends, topics, and changes
  • Create additional value by expanding engagement scope and identifying new opportunities for our clients, while considering financial impact, risks, and market trends

Required Experience

  • 3-5 years experience in consulting, private equity, or venture capital
  • Deep understanding of business models, customer journeys, and growth loops
  • Experience building trust and partnerships with interdisciplinary teams and external clients and their stakeholders
  • Experience identifying, solving, and articulating complex business and product goals for external client relationships
  • Experience facilitating brainstorms and workshops, creating exercises and stimuli to shape components for strategy and design
  • Experience with all types of creative activities to turn business, customer, and competitive insights into breakthrough new digital products and experiences
  • Experience taking an idea from theory and analysis into a market launch
  • Experience driving growth strategies, frameworks, etc. — from framing a business opportunity to digital design and product ecosystem recommendations


  • Ability to work on multiple concurrent projects, comfort with ambiguity, resilience to switch gears quickly in a fast-paced environment 
  • Ability to integrate ideas from many different areas into a common vision 
  • Self-motivated and entrepreneurial
  • A knack for making the complex simple, synthesizing multiple ideas into one clear bold statement or recommendation, and converting insight into opportunity
  • Superior visual, written, and spoken communication skills to express concepts in clear yet captivating ways
  • Relationship building skills and comfort interacting with client stakeholders, including C-level executives
  • A personality geared for participating in and leading presentations, meetings, and collaborative sessions
  • Willingness to travel and be on site with clients