NextEV is hiring a

System Architect

San Jose, United States

The role of the System Architect is critical to the successful design and delivery of highly visionary, and functional systems to the vehicle.

This role is essential and fundamental throughout the entire development stage of the program, ensuring that the system is well designed and will operate as expected both now and in the future.
You'll be leading the System Design team who will design, prototype and create features, functionality and behaviours using the most inspiring and effective methods and technology
Working closely with the entire organization, you will be responsible for the vision, conceptualization and realization of many of the vehicles networks, controls and security.
Roles and responsibilities
Conceptualizing the Vehicle Architecture to maximize reliability, responsiveness and saleability
Forward thinking ideas to create modern vehicle networking, that will be used to enable progressive functionality
Creating system specification and requirements, based on vehicle behaviours and product design
Developing Proof of concepts, showcasing, evaluating, new technology research
Component / feature architecture - assisting and evaluating component level technology
Working with the integration team to bring up and evaluate functionality
Data and metric gathering, feeding back data to validate theories or models.
You will need a deep understanding of embedded firmware, hardware and networking.
Amazing presentation skills and salesmanship communication
Visionary in the field of system architecture, networking and security
Educated / long career in Computer Science and networking
Ability to create roadmap demonstrating progressive delivery of concept to production
Leading a team of system designers to deliver proof of concepts
IOT experience useful, but not compulsory