Agoda is hiring a

Technical Interviewer / Front End / Full Stack Technologies

Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Thailand

Do you consider yourself an excellent judge of technical ability? Do you have the gravitas to interview junior to senior engineers, architects and development managers. Do you enjoy finding interviewing top talent and knowing you are responsible for spotting their ability to be successful within an organization.

This is not a recruitment role, you will not be expected to source candidates. You role is to screen the talent coming in and assess their suitability for agoda. You will work with department heads understanding their hiring needs and work closely with them to allocate top talent into their teams in Bangkok. 

You are the person we should be speaking to if you are you able to tease out if someone is truly a website expert. Would you be able to test their Angular over Knockout? Their SASS or LESS? Could you test if the person sitting in front of you could create a new Bootstrap site from scratch without Googling?

At agoda we are looking for a top-front-end engineer to help us screen, interview and hire more top-front-end talent. We want you to know your <articles>from your <sections>, we want you to know when it is right to AJAX, and when it is right to send data directly from the server. Performance is absolutely key; both on the browser, and the network. You should be able to test if candidates are comfortable with CDN’s, do they know when to uglify, when to browsify.

We have huge challenges that only a few companies in the world can compete with. If helping us find talent to build a world-class website, that users love, and millions of people use each day is something you aspire to: get in touch; we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for front-end experts. People that really care and love the user side of the website experience.

We are a full-stack development company. We develop as the user experiences: from the server, down the network, to the browser. We want to have the best, quickest, and coolest of each of these components. Performance, code quality, UX is absolutely key for success and we need a special kind of person to help us identify engineers to ensure of this.

If any of this is you – get in touch today. 


Required Skills:

  • Strong technical background, ideally you will have managed and recruited technical teams before and be comfortable talking to engineers at all levels. Happy to hear from technical IT Managers who really enjoy recruiting to senior engineers who have recruited before. 
  • Fluent in English 
  • Happy to white board when needed
  • Be a brand ambassador for the agoda IT department. 

We are looking to recruit engineers with any of the skills below. You may not be able to code in  all of these yourself, just understand if the person in front of you can. 

  • JavaScript
    • HTML5 and CSS3
    • C# ASP.NET MVC 4.0 or above
    • SASS / LESS
    • Bootstrap
    • Grunt / Gulp
    • GIT
    • Selenium, NUnit 2.6 or above (3 preferred), mocha
    • Dependency Injection
    • Jquery, Knockout.js, Angular.js
    • Data-access (Sql)
    • Cookie, session management
  • NoSql ( Cassandra / Couchbase etc.)
    • Memcached / Redis

We're not looking for you to have a background in direct sourcing/recruitment - as you will be working closely with the recruitment team supplying you candidates. Your role will be to understand the hiring needs of our Development Managers and help select top talent for them. 

Please note this role is open to both Thai and International candidates. Full relocation and visa sponsorship provided for overseas candidates.