Hudl is hiring a

Technical Product Manager

Omaha, United States

Hudl is changing the future of sports technology.  We build video analysis, sharing, and stats tools for teams around the world, at every level of competition.  Our software provides over 5 million coaches and athletes the insight they need to win.

Are you a Product Manager who prefers your customers to be the developers, data scientists, analysts and designers you see every day at lunch?  Or an engineering leader who wants to zoom out and help teams prove the value of their ideas and bring a vision to life?  Do you want to work in a cloud-native environment providing an in-house Platform-as-a-Service offering?  If you live and breathe AWS, microservices and operations, this could be the opportunity for you.


  • are experienced managing complex back-end changes that impact end-users.  You don’t just solve the problem, you ensure a delightful experience that puts the customer first. 
  • can confidently communicate with technical stakeholders and distill that conversation into the correct messaging for the entire company.
  • love technology and are a student of the tech landscape, learning about new capabilities and leveraging new patterns to multiply your team’s impact.
  • are experienced with cloud-based computing, take into account global user bases at scale, and are familiar with architectural patterns like microservices that enable engineering teams to work efficiently as they grow.
  • thrive in a coaching environment. You give and receive blunt feedback that raises the bar for the whole team.
  • bring your A-Game to work and expect the same from your teammates.
  • are familiar with Agile and Lean methodologies with a sixth-sense when it comes to the right time-box, definition of done and process for a task.
  • have a portfolio of customer success you’ve developed over 3+ years of product ownership.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Be a senior-level Technical Product Manager on Hudl’s Foundation Tribe.  Following the Spotify model, Foundation is a business unit whose mission is to amplify the efforts of customer-facing teams.  You’ll make a multiplicative impact through managed platform services, data engineering and analytics, common libraries, operational tooling, monitoring, configuration management and support for the continuous integration/build pipeline.
  • Become an expert on the problems of your internal customers, our 200-person product team.
  • Work from customer needs and trends to deftly scope a big, bold vision, then break it down to bite-sized work items and execute them.
  • Focus on product excellence and outcomes: customer experiences and delivering business value.  You play a major role in user research, design, and product decisions.
  • Lead the team from start to finish - concepting, experimenting, building, deploying, evangelizing and learning from the results.

Examples of the Work We Do:

  • Architecting and building out a Kafka or Kinesis event streaming pipeline and the near-real-time recommendation engine it will drive.
  • Managing data migrations as we rip pieces out of a monolithic application into our microservices “multiverse".
  • Containerizing services to bring consistency to our local, test, stage, and production environments. Evaluating technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, and Cloud Foundry.
  • Creating platform libraries for common but complex mobile operations so that full-stack devs can quickly bring new features to our mobile apps.
  • Optimizing the regionality and AWS purchasing algorithms for a Distributed Processing Platform for global performance and reduced cost.


  • Believe culture matters more than anything else.
  • Are a team of nerds, designers, marketers and former jocks who love sports and tech.
  • Are a “Cloud Native” shop utilizing the latest AWS features.
  • Have a profitable, kick-ass product that is changing coaches’ and athletes’ lives.
  • Are as passionate about winning as the people we serve.
  • Want you to learn something every day.
  • Promise you’ll love coming to work every day.

Working with Us, You Can:

  • Hop in the driver’s seat, enjoying an unusual level of freedom and responsibility over your roadmap and results.
  • Ride the wave of a 10-year-old business that’s dominating markets worldwide and has an even more ambitious 10-year vision.
  • Learn more, through extensive internal training courses and a generous external education/training/conference stipend.
  • Enjoy an unlimited vacation policy.
  • Sleep soundly with our paid health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Get hooked up with free tickets to Div. I and professional sporting events.
  • Stuff yourself at daily company-sponsored lunches.
  • Energize with free food, soda and coffee.