MM.LaFleur is hiring a

Technical Production Assistant

New York, United States


MM.LaFleur is seeking a Technical Production Assistant who will assist in sourcing raw materials and manufacturing products, from start to finish, and will ensure the quality standards of these products. It is crucial that this person communicates efficiently and effectively across all parties, both internal and external, while coordinating production efforts after hand-off from the planning department. This person will also be responsible for maintaining accurate costing sheets and records of each product, including fabric inventory.


What will you do?

  • Attend all fittings and work in tandem with design team to pre-cost developments with factories in anticipation of production; recommend cost saving measures that could be implemented in the development process as needed
  • Handle grading and marking for production, applying existing and new grade rules based on historical data
  • Record final approved spec for every new development and own the technical aspects of the tech pack (e.g. final fit/construction notes, technical sketches, graded spec); check, spec, and give approval comments on TOPs
  • QC all production, including domestic and overseas, while ensuring factory compliance with the internal production manual
  • Ensure that production, whether delivery of raw materials or finished products, arrives on time (And if there are delays, ensuring that those delays are communicated to the team)
  • Work closely with design and product development teams to enable constant communication and infallible mutual trust



Who are you?

  • You have a technical design background, and have a complete understanding of garment construction and the garment manufacturing process
  • You probably have 5 years of relevant experience, but we’re open to those who have had fewer or more years under their belt
  • You’re an Excel whiz
  • You thrive in a collaborative environment, and enjoy helping others
  • You are comfortable with uncertainty, and like creating structure where there is none
  • You excel at conflict resolution, while understanding the importance of partnership (You’re tough and charming!)