Embark is hiring a

Technical Support Associate


The Role:

As an Technical Support Associate, you will be leading communications with our university and fellowship clients and helping to build out their online applications/admissions solutions.   You will be an expert on Embark’s solutions and help to advise the clients on how to best configure them to improve their internal process. You will also communicate daily with applicants to support them throughout their application process.


The balance of activities can vary during the application season, but a rough daily balance could be approximately:


  • 2-3 hours of email or chat-based support work to answer questions from applicants or administrators.
  • 1-2 hours of application testing to help verify coding updates, including fixes for issues surfaced by applicants through support duties.
  • 1-2 hours of technical support work, helping to configure applications in JSON (if you have some familiarity with JavaScript, we could teach you how to do this)
  • <1 hour of project-based work based on current business activities such as business development, based on the candidate’s interests and background


The candidate will be expected to work in their own time zone with a brief daily overlap with the US team.


The Company:

Since 1995, Embark has been the leading provider of online application and admissions software to colleges, universities, and fellowship programs around the world. In the nearly two decades our company has been in business, our hosted solution has provided a platform for more than 15 million students to apply and hundreds of institutions to manage their evaluation and admissions process. We operate as a modern technology start-up with a deep client focus and are constantly evolving our platform and creating new solutions to connect students with educational opportunity. Clients include Harvard, University of Texas, and the Rhodes Scholarship.


The Candidate:

The ideal Support Associate must possess the ability to guide clients through their implementation, and ensure timely and efficient deliverables. He/she will have excellent problem solving and interpersonal communication skills and be highly motivated to resolve product issues quickly and reliably.  We pride ourselves in our friendly client-facing team, and strong written English skills are a must.  


Additionally, you are someone who likes techie things -- maybe you’ve taken a computer science class or two in college, or you’ve taught yourself a bit of programming.  If you have a general interest and aptitude for technology and fixing technical problems, we’d love to hear from you and can teach you what you need. 


The Qualifications:

  •         Must be excited to contribute in an individual capacity, ability to concurrently handle multiple assignments and deliverables
  •         Have excellent oral and written communication skills in English to have successful interactions with global clients as well as the rest of the Embark team based in New York
  •         Thrive on technical challenges and constantly thinking of ways to improve our productivity and reliability, must be extremely detail-oriented, and always thinking one-step ahead
  •         Have an interest in the Education technology space and, ideally, strong academic performance from your own schooling
  •         Some experience/understanding of HTML, JavaScript and/or SQL or other databases can be helpful but these are not hard requirements
  •         Some experience in a similar work environment preferred; we would like to find someone who can be a long-term member of Embark’s team

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