ENJOY is hiring a

Technical Writer (Contract)

Menlo Park, United States

About Enjoy.

We believe human connections are an integral part of unlocking the magic of technology, so we’ve set out to change the way people buy technology products by adding the human touch. Enjoy was founded by Ron Johnson, the former head of all Apple Stores, as well as other former Apple design and retail executives.

When you buy with Enjoy, your tech purchase will be hand-delivered by a highly trained Enjoy Expert. The Expert will meet you with your new product wherever and whenever you want in as fast as four hours. Trust us, this is not about speed and delivery, it’s about the experience you’ll have with the Expert. Experts then spend up to an hour helping you get set up and started and maybe even show you a few tips and tricks. The best part of our service -- it's free (the cost is picked up by our product partners).

Here’s a little video we made to explain it: What does it mean to Enjoy

About the role.

Responsible for creating and writing various types of user documentation, including how-to guides, references, manuals, cheat sheets, or instructions. Responsible for writing user documentation, such as how-to guides or instructions; and for creating process/workflow documentation. Ideal candidates are proactive and self-sufficient.

Responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Explain technical ideas in simple language.
  • Write technical direction on product announcements.
  • Create user documentation for a variety of material, including how-to guides and instruction manuals.
  • Ensure technical verbiage is easy to understand by the layperson.
  • Gather information on their subjects in libraries and on the web.
  • Prepare charts, graphs, or forms to go along with rough drafts.
  • Write clear and concise policies and procedures.
  • Map complex transaction flows.
  • Create table of contents and cite sources.
  • Submit copies to managers for feedback.
  • Adjust copy as necessary and proofread for grammar and spelling.
  • Release the document following final approval.
  • Provide updates and different editions as necessary.
  • Review manufacturer's and trade catalogs.
  • Collaborate, iterate, and execute quickly