Framestore is hiring a

Training Manager

Mumbai, India

Framestore is setting up a new studio in Mumbai. All new employees will need to be trained on the Framestore pipeline. We will also want to run training programs for freshers to build our own talent. Our goal is to have the studio there feel like Framestore in our other locations, and to that end, we will have a large amount of enrichment and development classes in artistic, technical, and inspirational topics. Furthermore, improved communication and production management skills are needed to better work more closely with other Framestore locations and clients.

The Training Manager will be responsible for delivering, coordinating, and facilitating all of this training. Over time, the Training Manager will build a team that will include trainers and coordinators to deliver these offerings. 

This role will answer to Director, Global Talent Development at Framestore, London and the Managing Director in India. 



  • Develop a master plan for all training at Framestore in Mumbai, by collaborating with management and stakeholders. 

  • Oversee and ensure the success of all training activities.

  • Sourcing trainers in cooperation with Framestore studios globally, as well as sourcing local trainers.

  • Coordinate with HODs and experts at Framestore to ensure that the training materials being delivered are up to date.

  • Classroom teaching in specialised topics according to strengths.

  • Writing, and recording training material as needed.

  • Creating assessments and tracking results.

  • Serve as a conduit of information from Framestore studios. 

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