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Antakya, Turkey

General Description of the Program

GOAL began working in Turkey in 2014, responding to the needs of refugees displaced from Kobane. Subsequently, GOAL has worked towards creating a multi-donor programme across Turkey with a particular focus on health care programming, whilst also incorporating livelihoods and emergency support components.


General Description of the Role

The candidate will performs interpreting/transliterating services of oral and/or written communications between Turkish and Arabic in a variety of settings, mostly between the medical staff and the patients in order to enable the medical staff to provide effective health service to the Syrian refugees; and performs other duties including office administration tasks as required.


Key Duties:

  • Provide interpreting/transliterating services for the migrant health centre staff in order to enable them to efficiently communicate with the patients,
  • Provide interpreting/transliterating services for meetings, interviews, Skype calls, etc. including one to one and group settings;
  • Translates orally or in written form all documents presented by staff, and other individuals;
  • Prepare written translations of instructional, policy and educational materials, correspondence, and forms from one language to another when appropriate for use by the staff, and other individuals;
  • Review translated material for accuracy of meaning, grammar and syntax;
  • Relay concepts and ideas between languages;
  • Convert written materials from one language into another, such as books, web pages and visibility materials such as leaflets, brochures or informative notes;
  • Create a new text in the target language that reproduces the content and style of the original;
  • Receive and submit assignments electronically;
  • Use dictionaries and glossaries for reference;
  • Contribute to reporting if needed;
  • General office administration tasks;
  • Any other duties as required.


  • Languages required for this post are Turkish and Arabic. Knowledge of English is an advantage.


Requirements (Person Specification):

  • A Bachelors university degree or equivalent qualification in Turkish, Arabic, linguistics, interpretation or related fields;
  • At least 2 years of translation work experience;
  • Fluent in spoken and written Turkish and Arabic, knowledge of English an advantage;
  • Previous working experience in the Syrian context, and are based or able to move to Antakya/Adana;
  • Experience translating on health and social related topics;
  • Good knowledge of Turkish health and local social services is an advantage;
  • Ability to maintain an adequate speed and volume of output;
  • Ability to perform under continuous stress and deliver complete and accurate translation of a broad range of subjects;
  • Excellent computer skills;
  • High standards of accuracy, consistency and faithfulness to the spirit, style and nuances of the original text;
  • Excellent teamwork and inter-personnel skills;
  • Report/proposal writing skills;
  • Very enthusiastic and keen to work hard to achieve the objectives of the programme.

Please apply before 09/03/2016. We would encourage interested applicants to submit their CV as soon as possible.

GOAL has a Staff Code of Conduct and a Child Protection Policy, which have been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants and children from exploitation. Any candidate offered a job with GOAL will be expected to adhere to these policies any job offer made is also subject to police clearance. GOAL is an equal opportunities employer


This Job Description only serves as a guide for the position available. GOAL’s work in Turkey is rapidly growing and changing and GOAL reserves the right to change your job title, description or duties, having reasonable regard to your skills. Employees are expected to assume new assignments enthusiastically and perform to the best of their abilities.