Hampton Creek is hiring a

Transportation Manager

San Francisco, United States

We are looking for an experienced Transportation Manager to help optimize our transportation network.  Our goal is to ultimately set the standard for how healthy food products will be manufactured and delivered.  The right person will need to have a proven track record of performing successfully in an unstructured, and fast-paced environment.  The right person will need to be an excellent communicator with a deep understanding of domestic transportation (inbound & outbound), vendor management, cost analysis, and strategic planning skills.
·      Manage multiple transportation partners to ensure on time delivery and minimize transportation costs across the U.S.
·      Ensure shipments into and out of the supply chain are handled quickly, safely, and within budget constraints
·      Coordinate with both outside companies and internal partners to provide freight services timely
·      Familiarity with shipment options, legal issues, government regulations, and safety procedures is required
·      Develop cost reduction strategies without sacrificing product quality or hurting product experience
·      Work with cross-functional team members to arrange timely deliveries of ingredients, raw materials, packaging, and finished goods
·      Work hand in hand with our QA team to implement quality standards and track results
·      Travel as needed: Up to 25% of the time
·      5 years of relevant experience in supply chain management and/or logistics management as well as domestic transportation management, both inbound and outbound
·      Need to be a hands-on, “roll up your sleeves” and work alongside type of manager
·      Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently both internally and externally
·      Proven leadership – ability to have your vendor(s) / warehouse(s) organized and efficient
·      Experience with Inventory Management systems
·      Demonstrated experience leading projects and implementing process improvements