Schibsted is hiring a

Venture & Foresight Associate

London, United Kingdom

Schibsted Media Group technologies and companies empower people every day, in every corner of the world. Our solid foundations in traditional and digital media make us a unique ambassador between the past and the future, and with 200 million monthly active users, our insights are on the global scale.

Schibsted’s reputation for trust and security comes from our history in news and publishing, but recent growth is the result of forward thinking in three separate areas: Marketplaces, Media Houses and Growth.

Our ongoing investment in disruptive new technologies and ecosystems, pioneering digital media houses in web TV, mobile and paid online services means that many of the world’s most popular online marketplaces and news sources are already part of Schibsted Media Group. We also have a flourishing portfolio of rapidly expanding digital companies and are leading the fusion of established traditional media and emerging new technologies.

To accelerate this digital growth we have created Schibsted Products & Technology, a new start-up within Schibsted. We’re looking for people who dream of doing better, who refuse to recognise limits and want to create the services, platforms and ecosystems of tomorrow.

Schibsted’s Venture and Foresight is a new group within Schibsted Products and Technology. Work with the startup, academic and venture ecosystems to understand the major themes and identify the “next big thing”Work with our product leaders to understand and inform their roadmaps based on external trends. Recommend a course of action, whether it be through building, acquiring, investing or partnering and ensure that Schibsted leans in to the most important consumer, technology and business trends impacting us.