BuzzFeed is hiring a

Video Creative- Branded Video


The Video Creative ideates, writes and develops concepts, pitches, treatments and scripts for brand sponsored video programs. They are expected to gain a thorough understanding of a clients objectives and mesh those objectives together with the tone and authenticity of BuzzFeed and our own brand objectives and audience demands. The Video Creative participates in brainstorms with other Video Creatives, attends calls and meetings with key internal team members as well as calls and meetings with external clients. They will occasionally sit on set for productions, and (at the discretion of senior team members) pitch concepts and treatments to clients on calls or at in-person meetings. The Video Creative must be very organized as well as creatively minded and talented as they will often oversee projects from conception to delivery with tight turnarounds. They should be able to effectively manage up to 5 programs at a time, and must be able to generate well thought-out and developed concepts in a timely manner. Video Creatives are expected to deliver high quality work at all times, collaborate well and have a strong client facing ability. At the discretion of senior team members, Video Creatives may be given opportunities to direct videos.

Ideally we are looking for a Video Creative who is also a professional editor. The International Video team is designed to be made up of ‘multi-hyphenate’ talent. (Professionals that can perform in multiple roles within video production). While the majority of the Video Creatives time is spend ideating and creating concepts and leading the projects creative through to delivery, we also want them to bring more skill sets to the table. We are looking for editors that can work with Premiere to a high degree and have a strong body of editing work to show.



  • Writes concepts, pitches, treatments and scripts.
  • Creates Keynote pitch presentations and scripts in Final Draft.
  • Leads and participates in brainstorms with other writing and production team members.
  • At the discretion of senior staff, attends shoots to assist with on-the-spot concepting, writing and other creative tasks to ensure that the production hews to the original creative conceit.
  • Edits video footage to a professional broadcast standard.
  • Assists in the development of new video products and offerings.
  • At the discretion of senior staff, directs film shoots and supervise edits through to product delivery.



  • Must have an understanding of both the entertainment world and the advertising world.
  • Must have a high skill set and body of work in concepting, writing and executing ideas.
  • Must have script examples and produced work to show.
  • Must be able to translate brand RFPs and understand brand objectives and translate them into content that would satisfy the BuzzFeed brand and audience.
  • Must be proficient at client facing and company representation.
  • Should have a professional experience in editing and be fluent in Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop.
  • Should have an understanding and interest in directing, with high attention to detail, an understanding of set etiquette and crew member roles, and a creative and production oversight that can visualize a project from concept stages all the way through to delivery.