Skillshare is hiring a

Video Shooter & Editor

New York, United States

Skillshare is hiring an experienced, dedicated video professional to contribute to the creation of Skillshare content. This role runs the production gamut and will include concepting, planning, shooting, organizing footage, editing classes, promotional, and marketing material. This role works closely with our Education Production team to collaborate on the educational design of highly engaging, high-quality learning experiences. Additionally, the role will work with our Marketing Team to create the most shareable and creative educational content for social media.

The ideal candidate understands and is passionate about the Skillshare brand. (S)he believes the "sage on a stage" model of lecturing won't work online and is excited to develop a new model for the world's highest quality, most engaging online learning experiences. (S)he should have a proven track record of collaborating across teams as well as being obsessively organized, reliable, and incredibly detail-oriented.

This is an opportunity to be involved in the growth of our company's content, which we believe will parallel other content creators such Vice, Vox, Buzzfeed, etc..