Glownet is hiring a

Want to join and bring amazing value?

Madrid, Spain

We have a lot coming up this year and look for great proactive leaders and talented professionals in multiple areas!

If you are truly excited about our business, want to be a part of our team and are interested in

  • Joining us full-time for a role that is not listed on the website
  • Working on one-time Special Projects
  • Part-time opportunities
  • Student Internships
  • we would love to hear from you!

    We are considering all proactive candidates and may offer you opportunities ranging from a a one-time project to a full-time key role in our business. Or it may just be that we would love to stay in touch and will let you know when something matching your profile and passion comes up as we grow.

    If you feel like you have the passion, the will and the skill-set to help us get to the next level in any area, please click the "Apply" button below!

    Here are some examples of the projects and activities currently on our radar:

  • For Marketers: Major transformation of Glownet website to present our team, our deep industry insight and allow members of the team to contribute regularly which involves moving the website onto a proper CMS engine
  • For Sales Hunters: Introducing Glownet to high-profile music festivals and sports events in any country around the world and supporting the initial relationship development
  • For Business Analysts: Defining the specific reporting needs for our main products and clients. We want to enhance the capability of our delivery teams by providing the process, tools and training required to deliver on client expectations. We also want to enhance our reporting suite
  • For Data Scientists: Getting deep into the data we have accumulated throughout our first year to define how we can use it to provide insightful advice and useful support to our clients in their dealings with sponsors, partners, boards of directors, vendors and next year planning
  • For Software Developers and Web UX Designers: Engaging with us in freelance-like projects building components of our solutions, designing the user experience for new customer facing portals or integrating our systems with Ticketing Platforms, Payment Gateways and the like
  • For Events Professionals: Managing our delivery teams on projects around the world and becoming an expert delivering RFID technology to large events
  • Please, when contacting us, describe your true passions in the areas you really want to excel in together with us. They might well be outside of the examples listed above.