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Web Engineer

Upworthy’s mission is to draw massive amounts of attention to the most important stories in the world — to change what hundreds of millions or billions of people are paying attention to every year.
Since we launched in spring 2012, we've inspired hundreds of millions of people with great stories about standing up to bullies, getting young girls excited about engineering, illustrating income inequality, and dozens of other important topics. As a completely distributed workplace, our staff is spread out all over the country, and we’re looking for candidates from diverse backgrounds.
In the last four years, we’ve designed an industry-leading story testing system, built a vast data warehouse, and amassed a trove of insights from thousands of experiments. We spend our days at the intersection of data and storytelling, developing tools and techniques to find, develop, craft, optimize, and assess the impact of our stories in novel, powerful ways. To make the kind of difference we want to make in the world, we need to go even further.

Is This the Right Job for You?

  • Do you want to apply your skills to work on something that's genuinely meaningful and seen by millions of people?
  • Do you care as much about infrastructure and monitoring as you do about building features — especially digging around in existing code to add instrumentation and passing data streams across multiple applications?
  • Are you interested in learning new technologies, new frameworks, new languages, and new approaches?
  • Do you want to work on a team that is more powerful than the sum of its parts? Is reviewing your colleagues' code just as important to you as writing your own? 


  • Full-stack software engineering experience. Specialization is useful, but we're a small team. You'll need to be comfortable working everywhere from client-side JavaScript to multiple flavors of database and everything in between.
  • You have significant experience in Ruby on Rails and other modern web technologies. You're comfortable with the fundamentals: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and beyond. You know how to use Git and GitHub.
  • You're a mid-career professional. You might not be a veteran but neither are you just getting started. You've got at least three years of work behind you; now you're searching for a mid-to-senior-level job that will take your skills and experience to the next level.
  • You live in a U.S. time zone, communicate fluently in English, and don’t need a U.S. work visa.


We’re especially interested in candidates who have:
  • Leadership experience: You know that a team is stronger than the sum of its parts, and your skills go beyond the purely technical. You may not have held a formal leadership position, but you're comfortable playing the project lead.
  • Experience or a strong interest in multiple languages: In addition to working in a typical Ruby and JS stack, you’ll contribute to our analytics pipeline built in Clojure and Go.
  • Some experience with a variety of data storage systems: PostgreSQL and friends, NoSQL stores like MongoDB and Redis, column-oriented data stores, or other high-volume data warehousing systems.
  • Prior success working in distributed environments.

Why It’s So Great to Work at Upworthy

You'll be paid competitively and get a stake in the company. We're mission-driven, but we're also a well-funded for-profit venture. All full-timers are offered equity.
You can work from anywhere. Upworthy has no central office; we collaborate entirely online. You can work from basically anywhere with internet, in time zones that match up with the United States. 
You’ll be encouraged to take vacation when you need it. You'll have unlimited time off — we enforce a minimum, not a maximum, in fact. We even give you a $1,000 vacation bonus to encourage you to take a really nice vacation from time to time and recharge fully.
We offer a free, high-quality, no-deductible health insurance plan as well as dental and vision benefits. And we’ll cover the costs for an ergonomic office setup.
We have a generous parental leave policy for all employees. And we offer a 401(k) plan to all full-time employees who have completed six months with us.

We’re Deep Believers in Equal Opportunity

At Upworthy, we believe that the diversity of ideas, experiences, and cultures that our employees contribute to our company is our greatest advantage, and we are proud to be an inclusive and equal-opportunity workplace where all applicants and employees are considered for hire, promotion, and job status without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical handicap.

Start Date

As soon as possible.