Shape Security is hiring a

Web Platform Expert

Mountain View, United States

Shape Security is looking for a Web Platform Expert to work on the JavaScript that helps protect Fortune 500 websites from attacks millions of times a day.

You'd be working with some of the biggest web experts in the community on some of the most interesting problems we've ever encountered.

If you’re one of those who gets excited rather than frustrated at the thought of debugging minified, 3rd party JavaScript then you would be perfect here!

Maybe you already know that XMLHttpRequest.DONE is 4, that you can reuse XMLHttpRequest instances, why “\v” might sometimes equal “v”, or why document.all is callable even though it has a type of undefined.

If you didn’t know any of that then you are probably looking it all up right now.

You’re probably also keeping up with new and emerging web standards such as web audio/video APIs, WebGL/WebVR, Workers, Application Cache, Geolocation API, Clipboard API, History API, CSP, SRI, etc.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk to you!