Deliveroo is hiring a

Weekend Operations Manager

London, United Kingdom

A management position within the Live Operations department. The applicant will work closely with current managers as well as the department head and work mainly over the weekend peaks of the business


Management: The applicant will play a direct role within the team and will be responsible for the day to day management of individuals within the department, holding meetings and guiding team members through their careers at Deliveroo. Not only will the applicant be responsible for their team, they will also be responsible for their region within the UK, working with other managers to uphold service delivery standards and produce the best results for their team. Managing a team and the individuals within are key.

Performance: The applicant will work with his team to hit department based KPIs. But the applicant will not only care about the team goals, they will also strive to bring the best in individuals and guide people in their career paths.

People Person: People management and nurturing individuals is key to this role. You will strive for others’ success as much as your own, and derive real pride from seeing your team succeed.

Project Management: The applicant will work on a variety of projects affecting several departments. The ability to scope and run a project from conception to completion is essential. As is the ability to present, influence and lead all key stakeholders.